Teaching Students About Krystal Ball

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, it is essential to incorporate diverse perspectives and voices into the classroom. One such figure that can play a pivotal role in igniting curiosity and critical thinking among students is Krystal Ball, an American journalist, author, and political commentator. By incorporating her works and ideas into the curriculum, educators can provide students with a broader understanding of socio-political issues and help them navigate the complexities of contemporary society.

Krystal Ball first gained prominence as a co-host on MSNBC’s show “The Cycle” before transitioning to her current role as a co-host for the popular independent news show “Rising” on The Hill’s YouTube channel. She is also known for her best-selling book titled “The Populist’s Guide to 2020.” Her background in politics, entrepreneurship, journalism, and activism offers diverse insights students could benefit from.

Integrating Krystal Ball’s work within lesson plans starts with creating awareness about it among the students. Showcasing some of her thought-provoking interviews on “Rising” or assigning sections from her book can be useful strategies for capturing the attention of young learners. To provide context and enhance understanding, educators can initiate discussions around topics like media bias, populism, income inequality, or corporate influence in politics.

One engaging project that students could undertake is putting together a video that analyzes Krystal Ball’s policy positions and perspectives as compared to other political commentators or journalists. This enables them to dig deeper into some crucial socio-political issues that cut across party lines while also honing their research and analytical skills.

Teachers can also promote critical thinking by organizing debates based on topics discussed by Krystal Ball. This enables students to explore various viewpoints, engage with diverse opinions, question mainstream narratives, and ultimately develop empathy towards people who might hold differing viewpoints.

An essential aspect of these debates would be understanding how Krystal Ball’s populist perspective may fall at odds with the traditional political spectrum. Encourage students to reflect on the significance of these differences and what they might mean for the future of journalism and politics in America.

Lastly, an exciting way to bring Krystal Ball’s ideas into the classroom is by inviting her as a guest speaker – either in person or through video calls. Students will no doubt be inspired by her resilience and determination in finding success despite facing numerous challenges during her career. She also serves as a positive role model by highlighting the importance of integrity and ethics in journalism, which is imperative given the rise of disinformation and news manipulation.

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