Bridging the gap between inspiration and real-life examples is crucial in the world of education. One way to inspire students is to introduce them to exceptional people who have made significant contributions in various fields. Today, we will take a closer look at Anant Kumar, an Indian mathematician, educationalist, and entrepreneur, who has worked tirelessly to improve access to quality education in India.

Early Life and Education

Anant Kumar was born in Patna, Bihar, India. He demonstrated an early aptitude for mathematics and excelled in this subject throughout his schooling. After completing his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Patna University, he earned a fellowship from the University of Cambridge where he pursued his higher studies.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing numerous hardships during his educational journey, including financial constraints and limited resources, Kumar refused to give up. Instead, he utilized his determination and passion for learning as fuel for his future accomplishments.

Visionary Approach to Education

Kumar’s experiences with the educational system led him to believe that every student should have access to quality education irrespective of their socio-economic background. With this purpose in mind, he founded the Super 30 program in 2002.

Super 30 Program

The Super 30 program selects 30 meritorious students from economically deprived backgrounds and provides them with free coaching for India’s most prestigious engineering entrance examinations – the IIT-JEE (Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examinations). This program has been highly successful – more than 90% of its students secure places at IITs each year.

Teaching Strategies

As an educator, Kumar is known for adopting unconventional teaching techniques that engage students and make learning enjoyable and accessible. He encourages hands-on learning experiences and integrates real-life examples when introducing complex mathematical concepts.

Incorporating Kumar’s Story in the Classroom

1. Overcoming adversity: Encourage students to reflect on their own challenges and how they can turn those challenges into opportunities. This can inspire students to persevere through hardships and maintain a positive attitude.

2. Discussing the importance of education: Analyze Kumar’s pursuit of education and how it changed his life as well as the lives of his students. This can help students comprehend the transformative power of education.

3. Introducing innovative teaching methods: Take inspiration from Kumar’s teaching strategies and incorporate unique, engaging methods into your lessons to make education interesting for your students.


By teaching students about Anant Kumar, educators can inspire their pupils and help them understand that overcoming challenges and pursuing knowledge can lead to extraordinary achievements. Integrating Kumar’s story and teaching methodologies can provide encouragement and motivation to young minds, preparing them for future success.

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