Teaching Students About Matthew Settle

Teaching history can be a daunting task for educators, but with the right approach and engaging materials, students can become captivated by the stories and personalities from our past. One fascinating figure that is worth introducing to students is Matthew Settle, an influential artist known for his work in various mediums. In this article, we’ll discuss how teachers can effectively introduce Matthew Settle to their students, providing insights into his life, work, accomplishments, and lasting impact on society.

Background on Matthew Settle:

Begin by providing students with some context about when and where Matthew Settle lived. Contextualizing his life within a larger historical framework will help students understand the significance of his work and achievements.

Matthew Settle was born on September 17, 1969, in Hickory, North Carolina. Overcoming challenges from an early age, he succeeded in multiple professions such as acting, directing, and producing. He is best known for starring as Rufus Humphrey in the popular television show “Gossip Girl” (2007-2012). However, there is much more to Settle’s career than this one role.

Career Highlights:

Detail some key moments in Matthew Settle’s career that showcase his diverse artistic talents. Sharing these highlights with your students will spark their interest and illustrate why Settle is considered an essential figure in the art world.

1. Early Work – Before landing major roles on television and film, Settle appeared in several stage productions, demonstrating his passion for performance from a young age.

2. Acting – Notable film acting roles include “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” (1998) and “Band of Brothers” (2001). By examining his journey as an actor, students will learn about the various paths artists can take to establish themselves in their chosen field.

3. Directing/Producing – Settle also expanded his artistic repertoire by directing and producing various works, honing his skills both in front of and behind the camera.

Teaching Approach:

Once students have gained an understanding of Matthew Settle’s life and career, you should explore his work more deeply. Here are a few suggestions to effectively implement teaching strategies:

1. Multimedia presentations – Utilize videos, photos, and audio clips to provide a more immersive educational experience. Showing different aspects of Settle’s career will give students a well-rounded understanding of his artistic endeavors.

2. Group discussions – Encourage students to share their thoughts and opinions about Settle’s work. This can foster critical thinking and stimulate intellectual engagement with the subject matter.

3. Hands-on activities – Encourage students to participate in theater workshops or create their own mini-projects inspired by Matthew Settle’s work, allowing them to explore their creativity and gain a deeper appreciation for the arts.


Teaching students about significant historical figures like Matthew Settle can foster respect for diverse art forms and cultures, while simultaneously engaging their interest in history and the world around them. By thoughtfully incorporating background information, career highlights, images, videos, group discussions, and hands-on activities into your lessons on Matthew Settle, you can provide an enriching educational experience that resonates with your students long after they leave your classroom.

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