Rekha, born Bhanurekha Ganesan, is an Indian film actress and a cinematic icon who has graced the silver screen for more than five decades. In this article, we will explore various approaches and resources to teach students about her life, achievements, and impact on Indian culture.

1. Introduce Rekha’s early life and struggles:

Begin the lesson by providing an overview of Rekha’s life, her childhood struggles, and how she persevered to become who she is today. This can be achieved through creating visual presentations or storytelling sessions. This introduction can foster empathy and inspire students to connect with Rekha’s journey.

2. Analyze the highlights of her career:

Showcase Rekha’s notable filmography to the students by discussing her most iconic roles in landmark films such as “Ghar,” “Khoobsurat,” “Umrao Jaan,” “Silisila,” and “Khubsoorat.” Delve into how each role honed her acting and helped establish her as a versatile actress. Organize film screenings or encourage assignments which facilitate critical discussions about her works.

3. Explore her diverse acting styles:

Discuss Rekha’s wide range of acting styles with your students. From playing dramatic lead characters to romantic roles and comedic performances, Rekha’s versatility knows no bounds. Use examples from different films to emphasize the scope of her acting talents in-depth.

4. Analyze iconic moments & dialogues:

Revisit memorable moments from her movies that reverberate in popular culture even today. Have students brainstorm assignments where they recreate these scenes on stage or through creative writing exercises to grasp a better understanding of the emotions captured in those moments.

5. Importance of Rekha’s fashion sense:

Discuss how Rekha’s unique and timeless fashion sense made her an ultimate trendsetter. Whether it is her signature Kanjeevaram sarees or mesmerizing makeup looks, her style has consistently been an inspiration for designers, stylists, and artists. Students can create mood boards or a collage inspired by Rekha’s various looks over the years.

6. Rekha’s contribution to Indian cinema:

Wrap up the lesson by debating how Rekha has influenced India’s film industry and helped shatter societal norms around female-oriented movies. Share how she adapted herself over the years, yet maintained the essence of her artistry, rendering her as an ageless icon.


Teaching students about Rekha goes beyond just introducing a skilled and revered actress. It speaks to illuminating the power of resilience, persistence, and the endless boundaries of artistic creativity. Educators should impart lessons on life, empowerment, and timeless elegance that emerges from delving into Rekha’s world.

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