Teaching Students About The Major League Baseball (MLB) Logo

The Major League Baseball (MLB) logo is one of the most iconic and recognizable sports logos in the world. Educating students about the design, evolution, and history of the MLB logo can provide valuable insights into American culture and sports. This article will delve into teaching students about the significance of the MLB logo, emphasizing its origin, design elements, and symbolism.

History of the MLB Logo

The MLB logo was created in 1968 to celebrate the league’s centennial anniversary. Designed by renowned graphic artist Jerry Dior, the logo was meant to represent America’s favorite pastime. Teaching students about this early history provides them with a fascinating introduction to graphic design’s role in shaping sports brand identities. Moreover, understanding how design trends have changed since 1968 can help students grasp how visual communication has evolved.

Design of the MLB Logo

The MLB logo features a silhouette of a baseball player up at bat, enclosed within a circle with red and blue backgrounds. The white silhouette showcases a player with a bat on his shoulder, ready to swing. The red left side represents the baseball stitches’ seam, while the deep blue right side symbolizes elegance and professionalism.

Explaining these design elements to your students will help them understand how color choices can influence brand identity. Additionally, discussing how simplicity makes this logo easily recognizable is integral for teaching about effective design communication.

Symbolism Behind the MLB Logo

In addition to its striking design components, the MLB logo carries significant symbolism. For instance:

1. National Pride – Red, white, and blue are colors traditionally associated with American patriotism. Using these colors emphasizes that baseball represents America’s national pastime.

2. Universality – The prominent silhouette ensures that regardless of race or ethnicity – all players are united under one symbol.

3. Commitment to Excellence – The poised batter symbolizes every player’s commitment to excel, both on and off the field.

Incorporate these symbolic elements into your lessons so your students can appreciate the thought and intention behind logo design. Such understanding will help them grasp the value of strategic visual communication.


In conclusion, teaching students about the MLB logo encompasses more than just a simple lesson in design history. It offers valuable insights into American culture, sports branding, and visual communication principles. Understanding the MLB logo’s history, design, and symbolism allows students to appreciate its impact and explore how graphic design influences our everyday lives.

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