Teaching Students About the Meaning Of ‘Linger’ In A Sentence

The English language has multiple words with similar meanings, which can often be confusing for students learning the language. One common word that students may encounter is “linger.” Linger is a verb that means to remain in a place or to stay in a particular state or condition, even after a particular event or activity has ended.

To help students grasp the meaning of “linger,” teachers may provide examples of sentences that use the word in context. Some examples of sentences that use “linger” include: “The smell of the flowers lingered in the air,” “He lingered in the hallway after class,” and “The memories of the trip lingered long after they returned home.”

After providing examples, teachers can then ask students to identify the meaning of “linger” in each sentence. This process can help students develop a deeper understanding of the word and how it is used in different contexts.

To reinforce their learning, teachers can also encourage students to use “linger” in their writing or when they speak. This will help students become more familiar with the word and how it can be used in different situations, ultimately improving their overall understanding of the English language.

In conclusion, teaching students about the meaning of “linger” in a sentence is an important skill to help them develop their language skills. By providing students with relevant examples and opportunities to use the word themselves, teachers can help their students develop a comprehensive understanding of vocabulary and become more confident in their communication abilities.   

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