Teaching Students About the Movie “Arctic”: An Educational Tool for Engaging Young Minds


The movie “Arctic,” released in 2018, stars Mads Mikkelsen as a man stranded in the Arctic following a plane crash. The film’s central theme surrounds the protagonist’s attempt to survive in the harsh conditions and make it back to civilization alive. This powerful and visually striking film can be an excellent tool for teaching students about various aspects of life in the Arctic, survival skills, mental resilience, and filmmaking.

Introducing Arctic Geography and Climate

“Arctic” showcases both the beauty and danger of the Arctic region. Teachers can use the film as a springboard for discussions about Arctic geography, climate, and wildlife. These topics can be integrated into geography or environmental lessons to help students understand more about this remote and unique part of our planet.

Teaching Survival Skills

Another important aspect of this movie is the emphasis on survival skills. Teachers can discuss with students the ways in which Mikkelsen’s character employs problem-solving, creativity, and resourcefulness to stay alive. In this regard, outdoor education teachers may find the film particularly inspiring for incorporating lessons on basic survival techniques such as building a shelter or starting a fire.

Exploring Mental Resilience

The protagonist exhibits tremendous mental resilience throughout his ordeal. Teachers can facilitate meaningful discussions around this theme by exploring what it takes to persevere in extreme circumstances like those in “Arctic.” Such discussions can help students understand the importance of mental strength and coping strategies when facing adversity.

Creating Opportunities for Filmmaking Discussions

 Not only does “Arctic” provide content-related learning opportunities, but it also offers insights into filmmaking techniques used to create such captivating stories. By examining elements of cinematography, sound design, editing, and direction, teachers can augment their lessons on filmmaking or visual storytelling.

An Opportunity to Broaden Perspectives and Develop Empathy

Finally, integrating the movie “Arctic” into classroom discussions can serve as a valuable means to broaden students’ perspectives and develop their empathy. By reflecting on the protagonist’s struggles for survival, students can be encouraged to think about how others might face challenges in different regions of the world. This can help foster open-mindedness and compassion in young learners.


The movie “Arctic” transcends pure entertainment, offering educators an opportunity to engage students on multiple levels. By utilizing the film as a teaching tool, instructors can help students understand more about the Arctic region, the importance of survival skills and mental resilience in challenging situations, and also expose them to filmmaking techniques. Furthermore, using the film as a conversation starter can promote empathy and open-mindedness among young learners. Undoubtedly, “Arctic” is an educational resource worth integrating into any lesson plan.

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