Teaching Students About The Plural Of Levy


English language learners often encounter difficulties with irregular plurals, and the word ‘levy’ is no exception. As educators, it’s crucial to provide clear explanations and engaging activities for students to grasp the concept of plurals with such words. This article will explore effective strategies for teaching students about the plural of ‘levy.’

Understanding the Plural of Levy

The word ‘levy’ refers to a tax or fee imposed by a government authority. When we talk about more than one levy, the plural form is ‘levies.’ It is essential to clarify this irregular plural form for students as they may otherwise incorrectly use ‘levys.’

Tips for Teaching Students About the Plural of Levy

1. Provide context: Before diving into the plural form, ensure that students fully understand the meaning of ‘levy’ itself. Give examples of different types of levies, such as property tax levies, income tax levies, and import duty levies.

2. Explain the irregularity: Make it clear that some words in English have irregular plural forms that don’t follow standard rules, like adding -s or -es to the singular form. Discuss other examples of irregular plurals such as ‘children,’ ‘teeth,’ and ‘axes.’

3. Visual aids: Create a chart or flashcards that show both the singular and plural forms of various irregular words, including ‘levy’ and ‘levies.’ Visual aids can enhance learning by helping students associate images with language concepts.

4. Practice exercises: Design activities that encourage students to practice using both singular and plural forms of levy. For instance, create fill-in-the-blank sentences or multiple-choice quizzes where students need to choose between ‘levy’ and ‘levies.’

5. Peer learning: Encourage collaborative learning by pairing or grouping students to discuss and practice using correct plural forms. This allows them to learn from one another and bolster their understanding of the subject matter.

6. In-context application: Integrate real-world scenarios into your lessons by providing articles, reports, or even hypothetical case studies as examples. This will hone students’ skills in using ‘levy’ and its plural accurately in practical situations.

7. regular reviews: Periodically review the concept of irregular plurals, including the plural of ‘levy.’ Doing so will help reinforce the information and ensure continued comprehension among students.


Ensuring students understand the plural of ‘levy’ is a small but essential step toward mastering English grammar. By using this comprehensive guide, educators can equip their learners with the knowledge and confidence to use ‘levy’ and ‘levies’ correctly in any context.

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