Teaching Students About the Washington Nationals’ World Series Wins

The Washington Nationals’ storied journey to capture their first-ever World Series title in 2019 was an incredible achievement that will never be forgotten by baseball fans all over the world. This monumental victory presents a unique opportunity to teach students about perseverance, teamwork, and dedication.

A Stirring Beginning: The 2019 Season

Instructors can use the Nats’ 2019 season as a metaphor for overcoming challenges and building endurance. The team started the season with a dismal losing record, their playoff chances appearing slim as they sat 19-31 in late May. Nevertheless, they refused to give up, and through hard work, they turned their season around.

Highlight the importance of resilience and perseverance when discussing this stage of the journey. Students should understand that early struggles do not determine final outcomes and that learning from failures can lead to eventual success.

A Fantastic Finish: The Wild Card Game

The Nats’ wild card game against the Milwaukee Brewers was nothing short of a nail-biting thriller. Use this game’s highlights as an example of maintaining composure under pressure for students to emulate. Despite being down 3-1 in the eighth inning, Washington came back strong in the end, finding strength in each other despite adversity.

This part of their story is an excellent teaching point about teamwork and collaboration. Students will learn that working together and supporting one another is essential when facing challenging situations.

Defying Expectations: Playoff Series

Explain how the Nationals defied expectations by defeating highly favored opponents in both the National League Division Series (NLDS) and Championship Series (NLCS). By examining game strategies, students can gain insights into how underdog teams can triumph with well-executed tactics and determination.

Reflection on roster decisions and trade acquisitions made throughout the season will also demonstrate the importance of adaptive thinking. Use this narrative to encourage students to develop creative solutions and remain open to change when faced with challenges.

The Culmination: World Series Win

Discuss the World Series itself as the crowning achievement of a team that refused to accept defeat. The Nats’ numerous come-from-behind victories and their ability to bounce back after facing elimination exemplify the power of a never-give-up mindset.

By analyzing specific key moments from the World Series, students can absorb lessons about clutch performances, mental strength, and overcoming personal obstacles. Additionally, the Nats’ victory serves as an inspiration for students who may be dealing with difficult circumstances in their own lives.


Teaching students about the Washington Nationals’ 2019 World Series win offers multiple educational benefits. By examining each step of their incredible journey, students imbibe vital life lessons in resilience, teamwork, adaptability, and persistence. There’s no doubt that the Nationals’ first-ever championship triumph is an unforgettable story that will continue to inspire generations for years to come.

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