Teaching Students About What Kind Of Dog Scooby Doo Is


Scooby Doo, the beloved canine character from the popular animated television series, has been a cultural icon since his debut in 1969. Most children and adults today are familiar with this lovable, talking Great Dane who constantly finds himself in the middle of mysterious adventures. Educators can use the character as a starting point to teach students about dog breeds and their specific characteristics.

Introducing Scooby Doo to Students

Begin by showing students an image or clip of Scooby Doo, either from the original series or one of its many adaptations. Encourage students to share what they already know about him, his friends, and their adventures. Then, shift the discussion towards identifying what breed of dog Scooby Doo is.

Unveiling Scooby’s Breed: The Great Dane

Inform students that Scooby Doo is, in fact, a Great Dane. Explain that this large and powerful breed traces its origin back to Germany and has been admired for its prestigious appearance and imposing stature.

Characteristics of Great Danes

Introduce some essential features of Great Danes to your students:

1. Size – Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds, with males standing at least 30 inches tall and females at least 28 inches tall.

2. Temperament – Despite their intimidating size, they are known for being friendly and social creatures, especially towards children.

3. Strength – These dogs possess impressive physical power which makes them great protectors when needed.

4. Lifespan – The average life span for a Great Dane is around 8-10 years.

It’s particularly important to highlight how these traits are reflected in Scooby Doo’s character. For example, his size can be both comical and essential in specific adventures, while his mild temperament showcases his warm-hearted nature.

Comparing Scooby to other Great Danes

Show students pictures of other Great Danes and encourage them to identify similarities and differences between these dogs and Scooby Doo. This can help deepen their understanding of how a cartoon character can both align with and deviate from real-life examples of the breed.

Connections to Other Subjects

As you discuss Scooby Doo’s breed, you can also teach students about:

– The origins of the animated television series (history)

– How the animators draw and design characters based on real-life dog breeds (art)

– The geography where the adventures take place (geography)

– The role pets can play in children’s lives, emphasizing responsibility and empathy (social studies)


By teaching students about Scooby Doo’s breed, educators are not only providing a fun and familiar topic but also introducing accurate information about dog breeds, their characteristics, and creating connections to other fields of study. This engaging lesson can inspire curiosity and excitement in learning for children while using an iconic character that has captured our hearts for decades.

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