Teaching With Encanto: Activities for Grades K-5


The Disney movie, Encanto, has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with its enchanting story, colorful characters, and unforgettable music. The film provides educators with a fantastic opportunity to create engaging and educational activities for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. This article introduces a collection of exciting lesson plans designed to bring Encanto’s magic into the classroom.

1. Movie Talk and Discussion

Begin by showing your students select scenes or having them watch the entire movie if time permits. Afterward, have a group discussion about the story’s characters and themes. Encourage children to think critically by asking them questions like:

– Which character do you relate to most and why?

– How does each character contribute to the family’s dynamic?

– Can you identify any story elements that teach important lessons?

2. Exploring Colombian Culture

Teach your students about Colombia’s rich cultural heritage by creating activities related to traditional music, dance, food, and art inspired by Encanto’s setting. Students can:

– Discover different regional dances like Cumbia or Mapalé

– Learn about traditional clothing worn in Colombia

– Study famous artists like Fernando Botero

3. Teaching Expressions of Gratitude

Encanto emphasizes the importance of gratitude. Use this theme to teach students how to express thankfulness in various ways:

– Create “Thank You” cards for friends or family members

– Write letters expressing gratitude toward someone who made an impact on their lives

– Design posters celebrating acts of kindness they witness or experience at school

4. Music and Sing-along Activities

The movie features a catchy original soundtrack that kids love! Integrate music into your classroom activities such as:

– Teach students the lyrics to popular songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” or “Surface Pressure”

– Organize a sing-along session where students can perform together

– Encourage students to create their instruments using recycled materials

5. Roleplay and Acting Exercises

Encourage students to bring the movie’s characters to life with roleplay and acting exercises like:

– Reenacting their favorite scenes from the film

– Hosting an “Encanto-themed” talent show, with children showcasing their unique “gifts” or talents

– Creating new storylines for the Madrigal family


Teaching with Encanto offers limitless possibilities for creative, fun, and educational activities in grades K-5. By following these suggestions, educators can immerse their students in a vibrant learning experience that will leave them captivated by Colombia’s beauty, fascinated by its culture, and touched by the power of gratitude and family bonds.

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