The Best History Websites to Teach Students of All Grade Levels


History is an essential subject that helps students develop a deep understanding of the world around them, its past events, and civilizations that helped shape society today. From elementary school to university, history websites are valuable tools for both students and educators. Discover the best history websites to support your students of all grade levels.

1. Khan Academy (

Khan Academy offers engaging video lessons on a wide range of historical topics, perfect for students in middle school, high school, or college. With a focus on US history, world history, and art history, Khan Academy allows students to grasp fundamental concepts and context through interactive quizzes and articles.

2. Smithsonian Education (

The Smithsonian Institution’s vast resources are readily available for educators at various grade levels with lesson plans, activities, and comprehensive guides. Students can engage with virtual exhibitions covering American history, world cultures, arts and design, science, and technology.

3. The Library of Congress (

The Library of Congress is an incredible source for primary documents such as letters, photographs, maps, speeches, diaries, and eyewitness accounts. Teachers can find lesson plans backed by these authentic sources to better engage their students in historical exploration.

4. Teaching American History (

Teaching American History is designed specifically for K-12 educators looking to supplement their curriculum with primary sources. It offers document-based lessons on American founding principles & the presidents while providing professional development opportunities for educators.

5. PBS LearningMedia (

PBS LearningMedia provides standards-aligned resources covering significant historical topics from the Middle Ages to current events. With its easy-to-navigate interface, students and teachers at any grade level can explore and engage with multimedia materials, such as videos, primary sources, activities, and lesson plans.

6. BBC History for Kids (

BBC History for Kids offers an exciting mix of animations, quizzes, and publications for young learners to explore history in a fun and interactive way. The site covers a range of topics, from ancient civilizations to modern inventions, making it perfect for elementary and middle school students.

7. National Geographic Kids (

National Geographic Kids offers captivating resources for kids to discover the fascinating world of history. With engaging articles, photos, videos, and activities on topics such as ancient civilizations, world cultures, historical figures & events, this website is perfect for elementary school students.


Providing students with unique and engaging learning experiences is essential to motivate them and spark their curiosity in the subject of history. These websites offer a wide variety of resources to teach students across grade levels while encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills as they delve into the past. Make use of these online platforms to create a robust and engaging history education for your students.

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