The Big List of 15 FREE Apps for Students in Junior High and High School

  1. Khan Academy: A comprehensive online platform offering free educational content in various subjects like math, science, and humanities.
  1. Quizlet: A powerful learning tool that enables students to create digital flashcards and practice quizzes to enhance their studying.
  1. Duolingo: Perfect for language learners, Duolingo provides an interactive and gamified approach to learning different languages for free.
  1. Google Drive: A cloud storage platform allowing students to keep their documents, presentations, and spreadsheets organized and easily accessible from any device.
  1. Evernote: A note-taking app that allows students to capture ideas, take class notes, and create to-do lists that sync across all devices.
  1. Forest: Utilizing the concept of gamification, Forest helps students stay focused and avoid distractions by planting virtual trees when they concentrate and grow a virtual forest.
  1. Photomath: A powerful math-solving app that allows students to take photos of handwritten or printed math problems and provides step-by-step solutions.
  1. Grammarly: A writing assistant that helps students improve their grammar, spelling, and punctuation in real-time while writing emails, essays, or research papers.
  1. Wolfram Alpha: A computational knowledge engine that provides solutions to various math, science, and engineering problems through data-driven algorithms.
  1. Todoist: A task management app that helps students stay organized by creating to-do lists, setting deadlines, and tracking their progress on assignments.
  1. Remind: A communication app that allows teachers to send important announcements, assignments, and reminders to their students and parents.
  1. Canva: A graphic design tool that enables students to create visually appealing presentations, posters, infographics, and social media posts.
  1. StudyBlue: An app that allows students to create digital flashcards, study guides, and practice quizzes to effectively review and memorize academic material.
  1. TED: The official TED app offers access to thousands of inspiring and educational talks from experts in various fields to broaden students’ horizons.
  1. Libby: A digital library app that provides free access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks for students to explore and enjoy reading.
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