The Ultimate Checklist for 5th Grade Classroom Supplies

1. Pencils: Make sure to have a good supply of pencils for writing exercises and assignments.
2. Erasers: Have plenty of erasers on hand for correcting mistakes.
3. Paper: Stock up on loose-leaf paper for note-taking and completing worksheets.
4. Notebooks: Provide each student with a notebook for organizing their classwork.
5. Binders: Have binders available for storing handouts and worksheets.
6. Folders: Give students folders to keep important papers organized.
7. Highlighters: Provide highlighters for marking important information in textbooks or notes.
8. Pens: Have a selection of pens available for students to use.
9. Colored pencils: Supply colored pencils for art projects and highlighting text.
10. Markers: Provide markers for posters, presentations, and other visual projects.
11. Scissors: Have scissors on hand for arts and crafts activities.
12. Glue sticks: Supply glue sticks for various classroom projects.
13. Rulers: Give each student a ruler for measuring and drawing straight lines.
14. Sticky notes: Have sticky notes available for reminders or annotations.
15. Whiteboard markers and erasers: Make sure to have whiteboard markers and erasers for interactive lessons.
16. Classroom decorations: Consider adding some posters, educational charts, or other decorations to make the classroom more engaging.
17. Classroom supplies storage: Organize all the supplies in bins or shelves for easy access.
18. Extra supplies: Keep a stock of extra supplies, such as extra pencils, erasers, and paper, for students who may need them.
19. Technology tools: Depending on the classroom setup, consider having devices like tablets or laptops available for students to use.
20. Classroom library: Create a well-stocked classroom library with a variety of books for students to engage in independent reading.

Remember to regularly check and replenish the supplies throughout the year to ensure a productive and organized learning environment for the 5th-grade students.

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