These Calm-Down Jars Will Blow Your Students’ Minds

Calm-down jars, also known as sensory bottles or glitter jars, are a popular tool for helping students manage their emotions and promote relaxation. These mesmerizing jars are not only fun to look at but can also be a powerful tool for self-regulation and mindfulness. In this article, we will explore the benefits of calm-down jars and how they can positively impact your students’ well-being.

One of the main benefits of calm-down jars is their ability to help students calm their minds and refocus their attention. The swirling glitter or other materials suspended in liquid provide a captivating visual stimulus that can capture students’ attention and redirect their thoughts away from stress or anxiety. The act of watching the materials slowly settle can be a meditative experience, allowing students to take a moment to breathe and center themselves.

Calm-down jars also serve as a tactile tool that engages students’ sense of touch. The smooth glass or plastic jar and the materials inside provide a soothing texture that can help students feel grounded and connected to the present moment. Running their fingers along the jar’s surface or gently shaking the jar can be a calming and sensory experience for students.

In addition to promoting relaxation, calm-down jars can teach students valuable coping skills. By incorporating them into your classroom routine, you are providing students with a tangible tool that they can use independently whenever they feel overwhelmed or anxious. Encourage students to take a few minutes to sit with the jar and observe its contents whenever they need a moment of calm. This simple yet effective practice can empower students to regulate their emotions and develop self-awareness.

Creating calm-down jars can be a fun and interactive activity for students. Consider involving them in the process by allowing them to choose the materials they want to include or sharing their own ideas for calming components. This not only promotes creativity but also gives students a sense of ownership over their calm-down jars.

To make a basic calm-down jar, you will need a clear jar or bottle with a tight-fitting lid, water or clear liquid, and various materials to add into the jar. Glitter, sequins, beads, or even small plastic toys can be used to create interesting visual effects. Fill the jar about three-quarters full with water or liquid and add the chosen materials. Close the lid tightly and give the jar a gentle shake to distribute the contents.

There are endless variations and themes you can explore when creating calm-down jars. Consider experimenting with different colors, textures, or even adding essential oils for an aromatherapy element. Encourage students to personalize their jars and make them unique to their preferences.

Introducing calm-down jars into your classroom can provide a multitude of benefits for your students. By helping them develop self-regulation skills and promoting a sense of calm, these mesmerizing jars can contribute to a positive and conducive learning environment. So go ahead and give it a try – these calm-down jars will truly blow your students’ minds.

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