Top Podcasts for Women’s History Month: Girl Power For the Classroom

In celebration of Women’s History Month, it’s essential to amplify the stories and voices of incredible women who’ve shaped our world. Podcasts have quickly become a widely popular platform for sharing and learning from these remarkable narratives. In this article, we explore top podcasts that celebrate girl power and are perfect for the classroom, inspiring both students and educators alike.

1. The History Chicks

The History Chicks podcast dissects the lives of notable women throughout history. Hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, they offer well-researched and captivating insights into the lives of influential women spanning various time periods, cultures, and fields. The podcast provides educators an opportunity to present strong female role models to their students.

2. Encyclopedia Womannica

A daily podcast featuring 5-minute episodes, Encyclopedia Womannica dives into the untold stories of remarkable women across history and around the globe. Hosted by Jenny Kaplan, this podcast inspires listeners with tales of trailblazing women who’ve made significant contributions to society in various forms. It’s an excellent way to start or end a class with a short burst of girl power inspiration.

3. Stuff You Missed in History Class

Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey host Stuff You Missed in History Class to unveil lesser-known stories from the past. While not exclusively focused on women, this podcast frequently showcases stories of extraordinary women who’ve played crucial roles in shaping history. The podcast discusses an array of topics, including science, politics, arts, and war – making it perfect for incorporating into classroom discussions.

4. The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is a funny and thought-provoking podcast that covers an array of feminist themes connected to womanhood and gender inequality. Hosted by Deborah Frances-White along with guest hosts and expert interviews, the show inspires conversations about the challenges and triumphs experienced by women. As it touches on current events and delicate subjects, this podcast may be more suitable for high school or college classrooms.

5. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Based on the best-selling children’s book of the same name, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is a podcast that narrates empowering stories of incredible women throughout history. Each episode features a woman’s unique journey, portrayed through engaging storytelling coupled with beautiful soundscapes. The podcast aims to inspire young listeners to dream big and break through stereotypes. It’s an ideal listening choice for elementary or middle school classrooms.

Incorporating these powerful podcasts into the classroom not only gives students a chance to explore historical narratives from diverse perspectives but also fosters meaningful discussions around gender equality and women’s accomplishments. This Women’s History Month, celebrate girl power by bringing these compelling stories into your curriculum and inspire the next generation of women leaders.

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