Transform a Cardboard Box into a Recycle Monster


Recycling plays a crucial role in preserving our environment. But sometimes, it can become boring and monotonous for both kids and adults. Take your recycling game to the next level by transforming an ordinary cardboard box into a fun and engaging Recycle Monster! This exciting DIY project will not only ignite everyone’s creativity but also encourage family members to make recycling an enjoyable habit. Follow the steps below to create your very own Recycle Monster.

Materials Needed

1. A cardboard box (large size is preferable)

2. Scissors or a utility knife

3. Paint (green or other monster colors)

4. Paintbrushes

5. Gluestick or hot glue gun

6. Construction paper (assorted colors)

7. Googly eyes (various sizes)

8. Marker or pen

9. Trash bags

Step-by-Step guide: Creating Your Recycle Monster

1. Prepare the Cardboard Box:

Choose a large cardboard box that can hold a substantial amount of recyclables. Make sure it’s sturdy and clean for your creative project.

2. Cut Mouth and Eyes:

Use scissors or a utility knife to cut out the mouth of the Recycle Monster in the front of the cardboard box. Ensure that the opening is large enough for easily dropping cans, bottles, and paper items.

Next, cut out two eye holes on the upper part of the box’s front face.

3. Paint Your Monster:

Now, it’s time to bring color to your monster! Using green paint or any other monstrous hue, cover the entire surface of the cardboard box using a paintbrush. Allow it to dry completely.

4. Create Facial Features:

Use construction papers in assorted colors to make eyebrows, teeth, lips, or any other facial features you desire.

First, outline the desired shapes with a marker and then cut them out using scissors. Attach these cut-out shapes to the corresponding areas on the box using a glue stick or hot glue gun.

5. Add Googly Eyes:

Glue googly eyes of various sizes into the eye holes to create funny, monstrous expressions for your Recycle Monster.

6. Label Your Monster:

Don’t forget to add a label that indicates the recycling materials accepted by your Recycle Monster. You can make tongue-shaped signs or banners to stick on the front face of the box, mentioning distinctly about ‘aluminum,’ ‘plastics,’ or ‘paper.’

7. Prepare for Recycling:

Line the inside of your Recycle Monster with a large trash bag, so that it’ll be easy to remove and replace when it’s time to empty out the recyclables.


Congratulations! Your very own DIY Cardboard Recycle Monster is now ready and waiting to devour all those recyclable items. Make sure to place it in a central location where everyone can notice and use it.

This fun and engaging project encourages kids and adults alike to recycle regularly, promoting a greener and cleaner environment. After all, who wouldn’t want to feed a monster with yummy recyclables? Happy recycling!

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