Video Styles and Samples


The world of video production is a vast and ever-changing landscape, with countless styles and techniques that cater to various audiences and serve different purposes in communicating messages or storytelling. As we delve into this diverse world of video content, let’s explore some popular video styles and samples in the industry.

1. Explainer Videos:

These videos are designed to simplify complex ideas or processes, making them easily understandable to viewers. They often use animation or motion graphics and are suitable for businesses aiming to explain their latest product features or services.

Sample: The Knowledge YouTube channel demonstrates the power of explainer videos by breaking down complex scientific concepts through engaging animations that make the information accessible.

2. Corporate Videos:

Corporate videos encapsulate a company’s brand, values, mission, and culture. They’re employed in various formats such as internal communication videos, event highlights, employee interviews, or client testimonials.

Sample: Apple’s yearly product launch event videos convey brand image, product details, and innovation effectively through well-produced video content.

3. Wedding Videos:

These videos capture the invigorating atmosphere of joyous occasions like weddings by showcasing captivating moments from multiple perspectives. Wedding videos can range from traditional style coverage to modern cinematic montages incorporating aerial drone shots, color grading, and special effects.

Sample: White Dress Films offers mesmerizing wedding films that capture raw emotions while employing contemporary videography techniques that transport viewers back to the special day.

4. Educational Videos:

These instructive videos cover various subjects like history, science, language learning, personal development, or DIY tutorials. Applicable for students and lifelong learners alike, educational videos can be formatted as whiteboard animations, live-webinars, interactive presentations, or MOOC lectures.

Sample: Crash Course is a YouTube channel that presents well-researched animated lessons on diverse topics from psychology to world history.

5. Vlogs (Video blogs):

Vlogging is a popular activity among online influencers, celebrities, and everyday people who desire to document their lives and connect with audiences. The content can include travel experiences, personal updates, or day-in-the-life videos.

Sample: Casey Neistat’s unique storytelling, cinematic visuals, and authentic daily experiences have made him a vlogging pioneer on YouTube.

6. Music Videos:

Music videos visually represent an artist’s music and imaginative concepts. They can be narrative-driven, abstract, or experimental to seamlessly complement the song’s essence and artistic vision.

Sample: Beyonce´s “Lemonade” visual album combined striking visuals with powerful storytelling through song narratives that explored identity, empowerment, and reconciliation.


An understanding of various video styles is essential in the world of visual communication. From creating an engaging explainer video to crafting a stunning wedding film or producing authoritative corporate video content, exciting new opportunities await those who harness the power of these diverse video styles. Clear communication is vital across all platforms and industries: with creativity, technical expertise, and innovation informing these distinctive video forms, we can captivate audiences’ attention while effectively conveying our desired message.

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