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Features And Functionality Of TikTok Clone – A Brief Overview

tiktok clone

In spite of the prevalence of many social media platforms in the market, TikTok is one such social video app that gained vast popularity with millions of users. The central reason behind its popularity is the app’s functionality with the incorporation of user-friendly features. The one who wants to recreate it can make use of a pre-made TikTok Clone. Let’s take a deeper look at how an app like TikTok functions with basic features. 

How Do A Social Video App Like TikTok Works?

The typical functionality of a social video app like TikTok is facilitating the users to create, edit, and post videos. Well, the users can have an option to watch videos or create videos with the help of the music filter. The end users can put like, comment on videos, and share these with their friends.  

Features Of TikTok Clone app development

To get deeper insights into the functionality of TikTok, let us now know the basic features of social video apps.

Instant Signup – In the initial stage, users need to create their account in the tiktok clone app by specifying their email addresses or phone numbers. Alternatively, they can go with social media login.

Create & Edit Short Videos – Through this feature, users can create short videos by lip-syncing and editing these videos by cropping or/and adding effects and filters. 

Effects & Filters – After creating short videos, the users can make necessary edits to make the videos presentable. They even have an option to add background songs from the in-built app music or the device’s music library.

Watch/Like/Comment Videos – The app users will be able to watch the videos posted in the app and can double-tap it to like videos. They can even leave comments in the comment section of the video.

Live video streaming – Apart from posting recorded videos, users can stream live videos. Thereby, they can chat with their followers or friends. 

To conclude,

Hope so; you have gained insights into the features and functionality of it from this blog. Launching a video-focussed social networking app like TikTok could be the best idea. It’s the right time to launch a well-featured TikTok Clone app with user-friendly features. 

Bought a New Canon Printer Need Help Setting up the Same


Easily set up and install your canon printer through by downloading the relevant drivers from ij.start canon as per your printer model and configuring it.

There are numerous brands available in the market as far as the printers are concerned. Canon is a well-known manufacturer of well-equipped printers, which are packed with bundles of features and benefits. To make their printers easy to use and install, one has to follow the instructions given on the official website link “” or “http://ij.start.cannon”. offers a wide range of features with their printers, following is the list:

Easy to Setup – printers are really easy to set up as they are compatible with both wired and wireless connections with your devices. As per your preference, you can connect it via USB, WIFI, and even Bluetooth.

Auto Duplex Printing – Canon has various models which offer auto duplex printing. Hence, if you want to write a book and get it printing without wasting paper, here is the solution to it.

Wireless Auto Power On – With this feature, it helps you save power consumption as well as your manual engagement with the printer. As it goes to sleep mode when sitting idle, though while connected wirelessly you just have to print or scan and this is sufficient enough to awaken your printer. Isn’t that great, so no hassles anymore to turn it off and on again.

Quiet Mode – No more grinding noises from your printer. Canon offers printers with quiet mode to avoid any disrupting noises to harm your attention and hearing.

Unboxing Your Canon Printer and Preparing it for Installation – | http://​

  1. The first and foremost step will be unboxing your canon printer, take it out of the box.
  2. Also take out the necessary attachments and material that came along with your Canon printer, like power adapter, cartridges, etc.
  3. Now, start removing all the orange tapes from your printer.
  4. Once done, turn the printer on and insert the toner or cartridges into the toner carriage.
  5. After that, load the stack of letter-size paper in the paper tray.
  6. So now, you are done with unboxing and the preparation to install your printer.

How to download the Canon printer drivers via “http://”.

  1. First, open up a browser to go to http:// website.
  2. Secondly, once you have landed on the Canon official website, you will see a setup button. So, click the button to start the setup guide.
  3. Now, you will have to select the model name of your printer from the list or you can enter the same into the search box on your own as well.
  4. Once you have selected the printer model, choose the operating system version to proceed with the respective drivers installation.
  5. Go ahead to select the compatible drivers and download the file.
  6. Finally, the drivers are downloaded to your device.

How to Install Canon printer drivers and set up your printer wirelessly through “”.

  1. As you have downloaded the drivers from “ij.start canon”, so go to the destination folder and double-click the exe. file to start the setup.
  2. The next step will be to choose the printer’s location and language.
  3. After that, read the terms and conditions manual and tap “I agree” to initiate the installation.
  4. While installing the drivers, choose the connection method as wired or wireless as per your choice.
  5. If chosen wireless, then it will ask for your wi-fi network name and passcode. So, please enter the same.
  6. Once the connection between your wireless router and printer has been established. It will prompt to test print anything.
  7. Try to print a test page from your device and check the quality of the print as well.
  8. Next, put the printed side on the flatbed or glass as per your printer model to get the printer cartridge alignment done.
  9. Now, you are all set to use your printer with your wireless devices.

How to Install Canon printer drivers and set up your printer with USB through “”.

  1. Open the downloaded file to initiate the setup wizard.
  2. Then, select the printer’s precise location and language.
  3. Now, run the setup wizard by accepting the terms and conditions.
  4. Next, it will prompt you to choose between the connection methods, so select via USB.
  5. After that, connect the USB cable to your printer and computer as shown in the image.
  6. It will take a while to configure the settings and update once connected.
  7. Complete the setup wizard to install the necessary software.
  8. And now, your printer is perfectly installed via USB.

Establish a WiFi Connection on Your Canon Printer model

Before you access ij.start.cannon site, your printer should be linked to the WiFi, hence see below:

WPS Push Button:

  1. To set up a successful network connection, turn on your Canon printer.
  2. See the Canon model’s operation panel and press the WiFi button.
  3. On your router, press the WPS button and identify your connection.
  4. The printer status will now display the WiFi connection.
  5. Press OK to finish the configuration.
  6. Now, install Canon drivers from

Wireless LAN Setup:

  1. Turn on the Cannon printer to commence the network configuration process.
  2. Ensure the Power LED light is stable with a green flash. 
  3. Push the Menu button and wait for the Network Settings screen.
  4. Select Wireless LAN Settings, tap OK.
  5. Open the SSID Settings.
  6. Choose Access Point and click on the network name you are familiar with.
  7. Enter WiFi security key.
  8. Tap OK once your Canon printer prompt “Connected.”
  9. Download the printer setup from and install it.

Final Words-

Set up and configure your Canon printer hardware by unpacking it and connect to your computer, then download Canon printer drivers from or http // and install it. At last, connect to a network connection and start printing.

Launch A Well-Crafted OnlyFans Clone To Hit The Market In 2022

OnlyFans is a London-based company that launched its app in 2016. Since its launch, it has revolutionized the content subscription apps market. Such apps give opportunities for content creators to showcase their talents and earn revenue. This platform has caught the attention of 170 million registered users and 1.5 million content creators. 

Among many other premium celebrity subscription apps, OnlyFans stand apart with a unique set of features. This platform’s growth & popularity prompts entrepreneurs to launch a fan club website similar to OnlyFans.  

OnlyFans Clone – A Readily Available Premium Social Media App

Those are the days when a conventional approach is preferred in which the app was crafted from scratch. But, this requires a lot of time and includes a considerable investment. There comes a clone script, a modern approach to developing the app which is available at a nominal cost and does not need much time. 

It would be the choice for you to prefer the app development approach based on your requirements. The ones who want to launch a premium social media app instantly can make use of the OnlyFans Clone Script. It is a pre-built app solution that is readily available for deployment. 

Benefits of OnlyFans Clone Script

On a general note, both app development approaches have pros and cons on their own. In this, let us see the key advantages of OnlyFans Clone Script.

  • Inclusion of new features and integration of third-party services

As the script is highly customizable & fully scalable, any number of features can be included based on your app requirements. Alongside, you can contemplate integrating third-party services. 

  • Rebranding 

The app solution will be well-crafted beforehand. With necessary modifications, you can brand it with your company name, tagline, symbol, etc. It indicates owning the app. 

  • Available at an economical price

The app that is built from scratch requires a maximum of 4 to 6 months. Depending on this time limit, the cost for development will be determined and considerably, you need to contribute more. On the other side, crafting the app using an OnlyFans Clone Script does not require much time for customization. And so, the cost would be comparatively less.

  • Soon to hit the market

With the customization & scalability element, the OnlyFans Clone app can be launched sooner, depending on your platform selection. When choosing multiple platforms, you can aim for wider coverage. With the inclusion of features such as multilingual and multi-currency, you can leap into the global market without any barriers.    

Why wait? Launch OnlyFans Clone

Why can’t you leverage a great opportunity? Utilize the clone script and launch OnlyFans Clone in 2022. Everything to do is, approach the company that is experienced in crafting the premium subscription-based celebrity app. 

How much does it cost to make a dating app?

tinder clone app

The technological advancements & skyrocketing usage of smartphones paved the way for mobile apps for every need. However, there is an app for almost everything, including an app for online dating. 

One such promising app is Tinder. It has become a trend during the Covid-19 outburst. Noticing this, business people or entrepreneurs wish to leverage the chance of entering the online dating sector with an app like Tinder. But, there is a common question arising for them. That is, they are so curious to know its development cost. This blog will give insights into it. Check it now!   

Total cost for Tinder Clone app development

The exact cost for Tinder Clone app development cannot be predetermined without knowing the business requirements. Roughly say, the basic version of the app would cost $5000 – $8000. And, the cost will elevate considerably when you opt for an advanced version of the app with remarkable features. On a brief note, it will depend on the following factors.  

  • Features & functionality

The feature-set is the major determining factor for developing Tinder Clone. The more features added to the app, the greater the cost will be. When you plan for app development within a budget, consider incorporating only necessary features.

  • Time limit

The cost is directly related to the time required for the app development. The time frame will be based on your app requirements. When you decide to build the dating app from scratch, it takes more months to complete. On the flip side, choosing the online dating app script only takes a few weeks for customization. So, you can get a ready-made Tinder Clone at a nominal cost.

  • App design

The interface is the first thing that the users will notice. Make it the best in order to retain the existing users. Ensure the user interface is intuitive and appealing yet simple. 

  • Company’s geographical location

The app developers you hire or the company you choose for app development plays a crucial part in dating app development. For example, the United States-based company’s charges would be high compared to the United Kingdom-based companies.  

  • Other factors

Those mentioned above are the predominant factors that play a major role in determining the Tinder Clone app development. Other factors include technology stack, app size & complexity, and third-party service integrations. 

Wrap up

As a final say, the cost of a Tinder clone will rely on your business requirements. To know the exact pricing details of app development using online dating app script, approach us and get a free quote.