Do we know where Republicans stand on education? has an interesting opinion piece posted about the GOP presidential candidates and where they stand on education. Rather, it’s what they should be asked in upcoming debates regarding education.

Because there are so many candidates and so little time to ask them detailed questions about anything during a debate, it might be tough at first to receive detailed information on their stances regarding education without viewing them through their own prisms.

While some of the questions posed in the post are generic, (“How will you support parental choice?“), others are worth exploring.

The author asks “What will you do to support better research on vital education topics?” Sounds legit to me.

“What’s more, as a recent report from TNTP (formerly The New Teacher Project) found, most current teacher training is not effective; we’re wasting teachers’ time and taxpayers’ money. The education industry is filled with training seminars that promise the moon but deliver little in terms of outcomes.”

The subject of teacher training is certainly loaded. How much, if any, money should the federal government invest in training new teachers and re-training older ones? Should it be a state decision?

Another question presented attempts to tackle federal rules surrounding education. If a Republican is elected, that individual will likely present a hands-off approach towards education. At least from a federal perspective.

But as we trudge forward to the 2016 presidential election, surely we’ll hear more about education and where each candidate stands. It’s important to start to delve into these questions now, though.

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