Removing your child from school

To begin homeschooling, you must remove your child from school if they’ve already started. This can be done by contacting the headteacher and requesting your child be removed from the register. If your child has yet to start, but you have a place accepted at a school, this must be given up and can normally be done by filling out a form from a local authority.

You are not required to inform your local authority that you are homeschooling your child, but they may enquire about their education when they see they are not enrolled at a school.

There are home education groups you can join if you would like support and advice from others with more experience.

Homeschooling vs. Home Education

When we speak about teaching from home, there are two main terms that you will hear: ‘homeschooling’ and ‘home education.’ ‘Homeschooling’ is the term most commonly used in North America, and ‘home education’ is more widely used in the UK and Europe.

How to teach your homeschooled child

There are different ways to teach a homeschooled child. Tailoring it to suit you and your child is generally the most effective way to do things.

Structured learning

is formal, uses timetables for lessons, and has a curriculum of subjects. This is good for a child that has been in school before or intends to return to school at some point, as it has a similar structure. If your child plays sports or other extracurricular activities, this is ideal for structuring lessons.

Autonomous learning

is flexible and lets the child decide what they want to learn based on their interests and when they want to have lessons. This is useful for children who struggle in a structured school system.

Devise a work scheme

This is good for deciding how to teach a topic in home education.

  • What are your aims?
  • What do you want to produce?
  • What resources will you need?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are your ‘teaching hours’?

What equipment and tools will you use for homeschooling your child? The library and museums are great places to learn. Technology can also be used, like computers and tablets.

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