Monthly planning involves using a monthly planner template to organize your month. For teachers, it can include what topics you’ll cover when you assess students, what homework or projects you’ll set, and more. In addition, teachers will have done their long-term planning for the year, so using a monthly planner template for monthly planning allows for more specificity and detail.

Monthly planning for children

Children can benefit from monthly planning too. Filling out a monthly planner template and sticking it up somewhere at home means children will be more organized. They’ll know what to pack for each day and be able to prepare for projects or assessments weeks in advance.

Monthly planning will improve organization and time-management skills. Plus, it’s excellent for children with anxiety related to school. Monthly planning will help them visualize their month ahead, so nothing comes as a surprise. The same goes for SEN children who may benefit from extra preparation time. Monthly planner templates like the example below are ideal for students who feel they may benefit from more structure to their school month.

Monthly planning for parents

A filled-out monthly planner template will give parents a clearer picture of how children spend their time in school. In addition, monthly planning means parents can get more involved in their child’s education and support children with their work.

When parents know what children are learning in school, it makes talking about it at home more accessible. Asking children what they found interesting about a specific topic becomes simple, as does reading ahead with children for upcoming subjects. Going through the plan with children will reinforce the idea that organization skills are valuable and will nurture this critical area of a child’s development.

Why is monthly planning important for teachers?

Monthly planning helps to reinforce a regular teaching schedule and keeps in line with the longer-term yearly plan. It helps you stay organized and plan lessons weeks, meaning less stress and more time to provide extra support where necessary. Monthly planning also protects against any difficulties that may arise throughout the year, meaning teachers will be more prepared for whatever happens.

Using a monthly planner template will even benefit pupils. Children will feel more comfortable once settled into a routine and have more time to adjust to changing topics or circumstances.

More advantages of monthly planning for teachers:

  • You can share digital copies with others
  • You’ll be able to look back at the end of each month and assess your performance
  • There’s more opportunity to look at how short-term goals can contribute to long-term goals
  • Preparing in advance means less stress so that you can perform better as a teacher
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