Who Were the Characters in Beowulf?

Beowulf – The hero and main character of this epic poem. A brave and powerful warrior jumps to the rescue of the Danes, eventually becoming their king. He protected his people until his fatal encounter with the dragon that attacked his kingdom.

Wiglaf – The trusty sidekick to Beowulf. Wiglaf was Beowulf’s Swedish relative, and they fought side-by-side until Beowulf died at the hands of the dragon. Wiglaf then became king of the Danes.

Danish King Hrothgar – King of the Danes before Beowulf. His kingdom suffered at the hands of Grendel after he built his great hall Heorot. However, he and his people are saved by Beowulf when he defeats Grendel in Heorot.

Grendel – Also known as the monster or Beowulf monster. Grendel is the monster that plagues Danish King Hrothgar and his people. Believed to be some ogre, Grendel began attacking Heorot after it was built and stopped after his battle with Beowulf because he lost his arm. Beowulf and Grendel’s battle is very important because it seems like Beowulf has saved Heorot, but it causes more problems.

Grendel’s Mother – Mother of Grendel and a far more powerful monster. Grendel’s Mother lives in a lair underneath a lake and is so powerful that normal weapons do not affect her. Beowulf has to use a sword made for giants he found inside her cave to kill her.

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