Why We’re Ditching Classroom Jobs for Star Student of the Day


In recent years, educators have been reevaluating and rethinking traditional classroom practices. The age-old tradition of assigning students specific classroom jobs is one method that has been under scrutiny. As a result, many teachers are now choosing to ditch classroom jobs in favor of the new Star Student of the Day approach. This article will explore why this change is taking place and the potential benefits of embracing this new strategy in classrooms.

Why are we ditching classroom jobs?

Classroom jobs have been a staple in educational settings for decades. However, with changing societal norms and the evolving demands on 21st-century learners, many educators have started questioning their effectiveness. Some of the contributing factors for this shift include:

1. Redundancy: In modern classrooms, technology has streamlined many tasks that were once assigned as student responsibilities, leading to less meaningful or necessary jobs for them to complete.

2. Inequality: A rotating system often results in some students missing out on desired roles due to scheduling or absences, leading to a sense of exclusion or resentment.

3. Diminished Focus on Learning: Assigning specific tasks can take time away from lessons and distract students from focusing on their academic goals.

Enter: Star Student of the Day

As an alternative, the Star Student of the Day approach aims to celebrate and reward positive behavior while highlighting each student’s unique strengths and contributions. Instead of assigning daily tasks or jobs, teachers select a student who has exemplified positive behavior to recognize in front of their peers. This not only promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment but also provides other students with a model for success.

Benefits of adopting Star Student of the Day:

1. Encourages Positive Behavior: By recognizing exemplary conduct, other students have a clear example of behaviors worth emulating.

2. Boosts Self-Esteem: Being acknowledged as the Star Student of the Day can significantly improve a student’s self-image and confidence.

3. Emphasizes Individual Strengths: This approach allows teachers to recognize each student’s unique abilities and contributions, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

4. Fosters Peer Recognition: Encouraging peers to recognize and support one another contributes to a culture of respect and camaraderie in the classroom.

5. Minimizes Classroom Distractions: Eliminating assigned tasks frees up time and energy for students to focus on their learning objectives instead.


As education continues to adapt to the ever-changing needs of students, it’s essential that we reevaluate traditional practices like classroom jobs. By embracing the Star Student of the Day approach, teachers can create a more inclusive, supportive, and engaging environment that promotes positivity and achievement. It’s time to leave outdated methods behind and celebrate the unique qualities of every student in the classroom.

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