Wingaru Kids: Helping You Teach Aboriginal Studies

As Australia continues to embrace its rich and diverse history, the importance of incorporating Indigenous perspectives in education is more pronounced than ever. Wingaru Kids has emerged as an innovative online platform dedicated to helping teachers and schools educate children about Aboriginal studies in an engaging and respectful way.

The platform provides a suite of resources that are both teacher-approved and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, specifically tailored for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The aim is to make teaching and learning about Aboriginal culture and history accessible, accurate, and relevant to all Australian students, regardless of their background.

Wingaru Kids acknowledges the complexity of Aboriginal culture and history’s representation, especially given its oral traditions and the sensitive nature of some themes. With this in mind, they provide culturally appropriate content developed in consultation with Aboriginal educators and community members. This cooperative approach ensures that the material is not just informative but presented with the care and respect it deserves.

What makes Wingaru Kids particularly remarkable is their interactive platform that combines stories, activities, lessons and games. It’s designed to make learning about Indigenous Australia fun and engaging for children. Through gamification, students can explore topics like languages, Dreamtime stories, significant events, cultural practices, and influential Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Teachers find the platform a valuable resource as it offers lesson plans, assessment tasks, educational videos, and information texts that take the guesswork out of planning lessons on potentially complex subjects. This comprehensive suite of materials empowers educators to introduce their students to Aboriginal studies confidently while ensuring they meet educational standards.

Inclusivity is at the heart of what Wingaru Kids does – their resources cater to all levels of prior knowledge which means every child can learn from where they are at. For schools committed to reconciliation and promoting an understanding of Australia’s First Peoples, Wingaru Kids offers a foundation for creating a knowledgeable future generation respectful of the land’s traditional custodians.

For parents who wish to supplement their child’s understanding of Aboriginal culture or for homeschoolers seeking structured content in this area, Wingaru Kids provides an excellent foundation that aligns with pedagogical best practices.

In essence, Wingaru Kids stands as an essential pillar within educational communities for advancing Indigenous education. By enabling easy access to quality resources on Aboriginal studies for young learners across Australia, Wingaru Kids plays a vital role in fostering respect for cultural heritage while shaping how future generations understand their country’s history.


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