You Only Get One “First Day of School”

When you first walk into a classroom, it can feel overwhelming. The various pieces of furniture and equipment all seem so new and strange.
But with some simple tips, you can make the experience a successful one.

7 Tips to Make the First Day of Class a Success

  1. Arrive early and get to know the students. Be friendly and make sure to ask about their backgrounds and interests.
  2. Be organized. Make sure to have a plan for the day, and be sure to follow it.
  3. Be prepared. Make sure to have any materials you may need, and be ready to teach.
  4. Be professional and engaging. Make sure to come across as bright and engaging.
  5. Use your energy and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on the class. Use your voice to share stories, reviews, or poems.
  6. Be prepared to answer any questions the students may have. Be open and willing to learn.
  7. Be sure to offer feedback and help the students work on their projects. Make sure to be supportive, and be sure to stay positive throughout the day.
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