10 Fun 100th Day Videos To Help You Celebrate in the Classroom


The 100th day of school is an exciting milestone that teachers and students love to celebrate. To add some extra fun and engage your students, we have compiled a list of 10 entertaining and educational videos that you can incorporate into your 100th day celebrations. These videos cover a range of topics and themes, ensuring that there is something for every classroom. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect videos to make your 100th day festivities a memorable experience!

    1. “Count by 100s Rap” by Jack Hartmann:

This catchy rap song will have your students clapping, singing, and dancing as they learn to count by 100s. With vibrant visuals and a memorable tune, this video is sure to get your students excited about reaching the 100th day milestone.

    1. “The 100th Day of School” by Harry Kindergarten Music:

In this upbeat and energetic video, Harry Kindergarten Music takes students on a journey through the 100th day of school. From counting to 100 to participating in fun activities, this video is a perfect way to engage your students and celebrate their achievements.

    1. “100 Days of School” by The Kiboomers:

Join the Kiboomers on their adventure through 100 days of school. This lively video incorporates movement and encourages students to actively participate in counting and celebrating this special milestone.

    1. “The 100th Day of School Celebration!” by GoNoodle:

GoNoodle brings the celebration to life with their fun and interactive video. With exciting dance moves, engaging challenges, and a countdown to the 100th day, this video will have your students jumping out of their seats with joy.

    1. “100 Days of School Song” by Have Fun Teaching:

This catchy song will have your students singing along as they count and celebrate the 100th day of school. With clear visuals and simple lyrics, students will grasp the concept of the 100th day and enjoy every moment of it.

    1. “100th Day of School” by Preschool Prep Company:

Perfect for younger students, this video introduces numbers and counting while celebrating the 100th day of school. Colorful animation and an engaging storyline make this video both educational and enjoyable.

    1. “100 Days of School” by Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching:

Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching presents a lively and educational video that will have your students movin’ and groovin’ on their 100th day of school. With a focus on counting, this video encourages active participation and learning.

    1. “We Are 100 Days Smarter!” by Jack Hartmann:

Jack Hartmann strikes again with this celebration song that highlights the accomplishments of 100 days of school. Students will feel proud and accomplished as they sing along and participate in this engaging video.

    1. “100 Days” by The Learning Station:

The Learning Station brings a high-energy performance to celebrate the 100th day of school. Featuring various counting exercises and movements, students will have a blast while learning and celebrating.

    1. “100 Days Hoedown!” by EducationCity:

Get your cowboy boots ready for this 100th day hoedown! EducationCity’s video combines a western theme with counting and celebration to create a unique and exciting video experience for students.


These 10 fun and educational videos are perfect for helping you celebrate the 100th day of school in your classroom. Whether you use them as energizers, transitions, or as part of a lesson, these videos are sure to engage your students and make the 100th day a memorable occasion. So put on your dancing shoes, gather your students, and enjoy the festivities as you reach this important milestone together!

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