10 Good Research Topics for Kids

The Solar System

If there is one topic that kids are almost guaranteed to be interested in, it is outer space; hence, this is at the top of our list!

Kids can sink their teeth into a range of sub-topics within the solar system topic. For instance, you could assign kids a planet each and get them to do in-depth research into that planet. Then, at the end of the project, you will have tons of information on each of the planets in our solar system.

Some other space-themed research topics that your students will love include:

  • The History of Space Travel
  • Should Pluto be a Planet?
  • Types of Stars
  • Life on the Moon
  • The Future of Space travel
  • Do Aliens Exist?


Dinosaurs are as close as we can get to real-life monsters, making them a fascinating research topic for kids. There are tons of different areas of dinosaur research that your students can delve into. For instance, kids could research the general history of dinosaurs or the extinction of dinosaurs. Kids could even focus their research on present-day archaeology, and what they do with the fossils and dinosaur bones they find.

Another idea for a dinosaur research topic is to assign each child in your class a specific dinosaur and get them to research them in-depth. They would be responsible for finding out about that particular dinosaur’s diet, temperament, genetic makeup, hunting technique, habitat, etc. Then, at the end of the project, you would have a vast amount of research into different dinosaurs.


Another of our ideas for good research topics for kids is volcanoes! There are around 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide, 500 of which have erupted in the past. This gives you plenty of choices should you want to assign students a volcano each to research. There is also a rich history behind volcanoes where kids can get stuck. They can also take a more scientific approach and examine how volcanoes are formed.

Here are some research topic ideas for volcanoes:

  • The Biggest Volcanic Eruption in History
  • What Happened at Pompeii?
  • Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?
  • What Triggers a Volcanic Eruption?

 Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Similarly, extreme weather and natural disasters make for really good research topics for kids. Natural disasters, like tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, and hurricanes, are dramatic and highly destructive. This makes them fascinating for kids to study. Kids can research specific cases of extreme weather, like The Great Galveston hurricane, which is known as the deadliest natural disaster in history. Alternatively, kids can examine natural disasters, looking at what causes them, how people can protect themselves, where they occur, etc.

The History of a Country

An idea for a research project would be to assign your students a country each and get them to research it in-depth. Of course, this can be any country, so your options are endless! This project has many benefits, namely that it will give kids an increased knowledge of the world around them.

Black History

Black history is a really important research topic for kids, particularly poignant during February for Black History Month. There are many different ways to approach research projects about black history. For example, students could study black history and other civil rights movements over time. Alternatively, you could assign each child a foreign black history leader to research about.

Holidays Around the World

All kids love holidays so that they will love this research topic too! Holidays are celebrated in many different ways worldwide, with each culture having unique traditions and festivals. For instance, how Christmas is celebrated in the United Kingdom is completely different from how it is observed in Japan.

Assign each child a different holiday and country and get them to research how that holiday is celebrated in that country. This is great as it will increase kids’ awareness and understanding of the world around them. It is also just really fascinating and tons of fun for kids.

Women in History

Women in history is another super important research topic for kids to find out about. A great idea would be to focus on this topic during March for Women’s History Month. Similar to Black History projects, there are many ways to approach Women in History as a research project. One approach would be to get kids to study the overall timeline of women in history and women’s rights movements over time. Or, you could assign kids specific women’s rights movements or significant women involved in them and get them to research them in-depth.

 Scientists and Inventors

Scientists and inventors are a vast and fascinating research topic for kids to get stuck into. The number of inventions kids can research is endless, so you will have plenty of topics to choose from. One idea for this research project would be to assign kids a particular inventor and get them to research their life, works, and achievements. On the other hand, you could get your students to explore a specific invention.

Looking at different innovators and their creations can be fascinating, so it cut our list of research topics for kids. Your students will have a specific person to explore before creating a model of their invention or discovery. You can find everything you need in the scientists and inventors research unit.

Ancient Civilizations

Last but certainly not least is Ancient Civilizations! This is a good research topic for kids because there are so many ancient civilizations to choose from. Some examples of ancient civilizations are the Greeks, Incas, Aztecs, Egyptians, Maya, Persian, Romans, and Chinese.

There are a wide variety of different research topics to do with ancient civilizations. Here are a few of our favorites (all of these research topics can be applied to any ancient civilization):

  • What Life Was Like in an Ancient Civilization
  • Medicine in an Ancient Civilization
  • Food and Nutrition in an Ancient Civilization
  • What did they wear in an Ancient Civilization?
  • How did this Ancient Civilization end?
  • What was the main religion of this Ancient Civilization?
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