10 Memes That Prove How Ready Teachers Are for Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, and every teacher out there is looking forward to a much-needed reprieve from lesson planning, grading papers, and managing lively classrooms. We’ve collected ten hilarious memes that perfectly encapsulate how ready teachers are for their Thanksgiving hiatus.

1. The Thanksgiving Countdown

This meme showcases a teacher’s classroom board with a countdown of days, hours, and even seconds until the official start of Thanksgiving break. The level of detail screams excitement and anticipation.

2. Teacher Mode Off, Turkey Mode On

Featuring a sleepy but determined teacher transforming into an energetic turkey-ready individual, this meme demonstrates the instant mood shift that occurs as soon as the final bell rings before the holiday break.

3. Pumpkin Spiced Lesson Plans

An amusing image that shows a teacher adding pumpkin spice to their lesson plans as a way to make them more festive and bearable in the days leading up to Thanksgiving break. It’s part humor and part wishful thinking!

4. A Very Relatable Grumpy Cat

The infamous Grumpy Cat makes an appearance in this meme with a caption that reads: “What do you mean Thanksgiving break is still [X] days away?” The ever-increasing impatience speaks to every educator eager for their much-needed rest.

5. Preparing for Black Friday

In this meme, we see teachers banding together to create elaborate Black Friday shopping lists and battle plans – all during their lunch breaks in the school cafeteria, of course!

6. The Mall Walker Transformation

A side-by-side comparison of a weary-faced teacher on normal days versus one with newfound vigor preparing for a shopping marathon during Thanksgiving break. It’s all about getting those deals!

7. “Not-So-Secret” Potluck Dreams

A hilarious image captures a tired teacher daydreaming about mouth-watering dishes brought in by colleagues for the pre-Thanksgiving school potluck, instead of focusing on their lesson plan.

8. The Survival Kit

This meme humorously reveals a teacher’s ultimate Thanksgiving break survival kit – complete with pounds of coffee, full-coverage fleece pajamas, and at least five seasons of a binge-worthy TV series to catch up on.

9. Beating Food Coma with Comfy Pajamas

An uproarious image of a teacher sprawled across their couch in Thanksgiving-themed pajamas surrounded by every remote and electronic device imaginable is captioned: “I can conquer the world… right after my food coma.”

10. Dreams of Turkey Dinner

The last meme in our list shows a teacher half-asleep at their desk, visions of turkey dinners dancing in their head instead of sorting through piles of papers – an accurate representation of educators in the days leading up to Thanksgiving break.


As these ten memes hilariously show, teachers are more than ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. A time to recharge, indulge in delicious meals, and spend quality time with family, this holiday offers educators a chance to relax and enjoy life away from the classroom before diving back into the school routine.

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