10 STEM Experiments You Can Do With Ordinary Office Supplies

  1. Paperclip Circuit: Use paperclips, batteries, and LED bulbs to create a simple circuit and understand the basics of electricity.
  2. Rubber Band Rockets: Attach a rubber band to a pencil and create a simple rocket that can be launched using the potential energy stored in the band.
  3. Balloon Rocket Car: Use a balloon, straw, and plastic bottle to create a car powered by air pressure.
  4. Pencil Catapult: Construct a simple catapult using pencils, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon to explore principles of force and motion.
  5. Magnetic Paperclip Maze: Create a maze using cardboard and guide a paperclip through it by attracting it with magnets.
  6. Straw Telephones: Make telephones using two cups and a string to learn about sound waves and transmission.
  7. Invisible Ink: Use lemon juice or milk as invisible ink and reveal the hidden messages using heat sources like a light bulb or an iron.
  8. Pasta Bridges: Build a bridge using uncooked spaghetti noodles and glue to understand the concepts of engineering and load-bearing structures.
  9. Egg Drop Challenge: Design and build a protective casing using materials like paper, rubber bands, and tape to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a height.
  1. Paper Airplane Contest: Experiment with different designs and techniques to create the perfect paper airplane and test their flight distances.

These STEM experiments are not only fun, but they also provide hands-on learning experiences using everyday office supplies. Enjoy exploring the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with these simple yet engaging activities!

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