11 Essay Phrases to Outlaw


Essay writing can be a challenging task for even the most experienced writers. Yet, it is essential to strive for clarity, precision, and originality in our written expressions. One way we can improve our writing skills is by eliminating overused and redundant phrases that can distract readers and weaken our arguments. In this article, we will discuss 11 essay phrases you should outlaw from your writing. By eliminating these phrases, your essays will become more engaging and persuasive.

1. In today’s society

This phrase adds no real value to your essay – it is a filler that can make your writing sound clichéd. Instead, try using a more specific phrase or context relevant to your topic.

2. The fact that

While occasionally useful, this phrase can be replaced with much simpler expressions such as “since” or “because,” making your sentence more concise and focused.

3. From my point of view

Unless you are explicitly asked to give an opinion on a subject, statements in an essay should be presented as facts or logically argued conclusions, without explicit attribution to the author.

4. Each and every

This redundant phrase can simply be replaced with “every,” as both words mean the same thing.

5. Completely unique

Since “unique” already implies that something is one-of-a-kind, adding “completely” creates redundancy. Simply use “unique” in your essay.

6. All things considered

This vague phrase can often be left out entirely or replaced with something more concrete, such as “After examining the evidence.”

7. As a matter of fact

This overused expression can make your writing seem informal and detract from its credibility. Try using alternative phrases like “in reality” or “in fact.”

8. To sum up / In conclusion

Instead of relying on these common phrases at the end of your essay, develop a more powerful and engaging conclusion by restating your main argument or offering a final insight.

9. It is worth mentioning

This phrase can suggest that the information you are presenting may not be entirely relevant to your essay. If the information is essential, state it more confidently, without tentative phrasing.

10. For all intents and purposes

This wordy phrase can often be replaced by “essentially” or “in effect,” reducing the verbosity of your writing.

11. When push comes to shove

An informal and clichéd expression like this one has no place in formal writing. Opt for phrases like “ultimately” or “when it really matters” instead.


By avoiding these 11 overused phrases in your essays, you will undoubtedly improve the clarity, precision, and originality of your writing. Keep in mind that refining your writing style takes time and practice, but being mindful of these common pitfalls is an important step towards becoming a better writer. So, go ahead and outlaw these phrases from your essays – they will thank you later!

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