11 Great Videos to Teach Students About Elections & Voting

  1. “How Does an Election Work?” – This video explains the basics of how elections work, including the process of casting votes and counting them.
  1. “Why Should You Vote?” – This video highlights the importance of voting and encourages young students to exercise their right to vote when they are eligible.
  1. “The History of Voting Rights” – This video explores the history of voting rights in different countries and the struggles for equality in access to the voting process.
  1. “The Role of Political Parties” – This video delves into the role of political parties in elections and why they matter in the democratic process.
  1. “Understanding Different Types of Elections” – This video explains various types of elections, such as presidential, congressional, and local elections, and how they differ in terms of selection processes.
  1. “Political Campaigns and Advertising” – This video discusses the role of political campaigns and advertising in elections and how they can influence voters.
  1. “The Electoral College Explained” – This video breaks down the electoral college system used in some countries, including the United States, and how it determines the winner of an election.
  1. “Voter Suppression and its Impact” – This video explores the issue of voter suppression and its impact on marginalized communities, emphasizing the importance of ensuring equal access to voting.
  1. “The Power of Your Vote” – This video highlights how one vote can make a difference and encourages students to participate in the democratic process.
  1. “Famous Election Moments in History” – This video showcases significant election moments in history, such as major upsets, historic victories, and memorable speeches.
  1. “The Responsibility of Being an Informed Voter” – This video emphasizes the importance of being an informed voter, researching candidates and issues, and making educated decisions at the ballot box.

These videos can provide a comprehensive and engaging resource for students to learn about elections and voting, fostering their understanding of the democratic process and the role they can play in shaping their communities and societies.

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