11 Safe Search Engines For Kids

The internet can be a treasure trove of information, but it can also expose children to inappropriate content. As parents, it’s essential to keep children safe while browsing the web. One way to help protect them is by using search engines specifically designed for kids. Here are 11 safe search engines that cater to a younger audience and filter out unsuitable content.

1. Kiddle

Kiddle is powered by Google and specifically designed for children. The search engine uses a combination of filters and human editors to ensure that results only display appropriate content for young users.

2. KidzSearch

Focused on providing kid-friendly search results, KidzSearch also offers educational games and activities for entertainment. KidzSearch allows parents to customize safety features and set filter preferences.

3. Safe Search Kids

Using Google’s SafeSearch technology, Safe Search Kids provides filtered results while blocking adult content. It helps ensure a secure online experience for kids as they navigate through websites and online videos.

4. GoGooligans

Targeted at students between the ages of 8-18, GoGooligans is an educational search engine that filters out explicit material and delivers educational resources and websites relevant to kids’ needs.

5. DinoSearch

This fun, dinosaur-themed search engine is ideal for young users under 12 years old. DinoSearch uses Google’s SafeSearch technology to filter out inappropriate content.

6. WackySafe

With its animated user interface, WackySafe offers an engaging platform for children in early grade school years. The search engine aims to offer a safe browsing experience by filtering out harmful sites.

7. KidRex

Created by parents for kids, KidRex offers a colorful layout and employs Google’s SafeSearch technology to provide safe search results while maintaining an appealing user interface for younger users.

8. Kidsclick!

Developed by librarians, Kidsclick! offers a comprehensive database of websites and learning resources targeted towards children. The search engine allows kids to explore subjects in a safe environment while ensuring their privacy.

9. Safe Search

Safe Search is powered by Google and provides a filtered experience that removes explicit content from search results. This search engine is suitable not only for kids but also for users who prefer safe browsing experiences.

10. Junior Safe Search

With its easy-to-use interface, Junior Safe Search is perfect for young internet users looking to explore the web safely. It filters out adult content to ensure a secure online environment.

11. Quintura Kids

Quintura Kids is an interactive and engaging search engine that displays search results in a visual interface, making it enjoyable for children exploring age-appropriate content online.

By introducing these 11 safe search engines to your children, you can create a secure environment for them to learn, explore, and discover new knowledge without being exposed to unsuitable material. Remember always to educate your kids about online safety and monitor their internet usage regularly.

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