120 Engaging High School Debate Topics Across Six Diverse Categories


Debate is an essential activity for high school students to engage in critical thinking, public speaking, and persuasive skills development. Choosing exciting and relevant topics can encourage students to participate and be fully committed to their debate experience. We have put together a list of 120 engaging high school debate topics distributed across six diverse categories to ignite your students’ passion for constructive discussions.


1. .Should healthcare be universal?

2. Does gun control reduce crime rates?

3. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

4. Is military intervention justified in foreign conflicts?

5. Should drug consumption be decriminalized?


6. Can socialism work effectively as an economic system?

7. Does immigration boost economic growth?

8. Are cryptocurrency and blockchain reliable financial instruments?

9. What leads to income inequality and how can it be addressed?

10. Is investing in renewable energy beneficial to the economy?


11. Should single-use plastics be banned worldwide?

12. Can humans reverse climate change?

13. What is the most effective solution for water scarcity in developing countries?

14. How relevant are animal rights, and how far should they extend?

15. Are electric cars a viable solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions?


16. Are standardized tests a fair measure of intelligence and knowledge?

17. Should students wear uniforms at school?

18. Is distance learning as effective as traditional education methods?

19-20 Can private tutoring bridge the learning gap between students from different socio-economic backgrounds?


21-22 Should vaccination be mandatory for all children attending public schools?

23-24 Do video games cause violence or addiction in adolescents?

25-26 Are GMO foods safe for consumption?


27-28  How crucial amongst educational reveals is a class tech gadget essential package inclusion?

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