14 Classroom-Friendly Fidget Toys and Devices To Help Students Focus

Fidget toys and devices have gained popularity in recent years as tools to help students channel their energy, improve focus, and reduce anxiety. These classroom-friendly fidget toys are designed to provide sensory feedback and keep students engaged without causing distraction. Here are 14 fidget toys and devices that can benefit students in the classroom:

  1. Fidget spinners: These handheld toys feature a spinning mechanism and provide a calming effect.
  1. Tangle toys: Tangle toys are twistable and bendable fidget tools that can be manipulated into various shapes.
  1. Koosh balls: These soft, rubbery balls are perfect for squeezing and provide a tactile sensory experience.
  1. Fidget cubes: Fidget cubes offer multiple sensory activities such as clicking buttons, flipping switches, rolling balls, and more.
  1. Desk buddies: Desk buddies are tactile sensory tools that can be attached to desks or chairs, allowing students to fidget discreetly.
  1. Wiggly cushions: These cushions provide gentle movement and promote active sitting, helping students stay alert and focused.
  1. Therapy putty: Therapy putty is a moldable material that helps improve hand strength and coordination while also providing sensory stimulation.
  1. Fidget pencils: These special pencils have built-in fidget tools like spinners or buttons to help students stay engaged during lessons.
  2. Chewable jewelry: Chewable jewelry, like necklaces or bracelets, is designed to provide oral sensory input and reduce chewing on inappropriate objects.
  1. Velcro strips: Velcro strips can be attached to desks or chairs, allowing students to engage in tactile exploration discreetly.
  1. Pencil toppers: Pencil toppers with textured surfaces or fidget components can help satisfy the need for movement during writing tasks.
  1. Sensory stress balls: These stress balls have textured surfaces or added sensory elements to provide tactile feedback and stress relief.
  1. Wiggle seats: Wiggle seats are inflatable cushions that provide gentle movement and promote active sitting.
  1. Noise-canceling headphones: Noise-canceling headphones can help students with sensory sensitivities or those easily distracted by auditory stimuli.

When incorporating fidget toys and devices in the classroom, it’s important to establish guidelines and boundaries to ensure they are used appropriately. They should be seen as tools for focus and self-regulation rather than toys for distraction. By providing students with appropriate fidget options, teachers can create an inclusive and productive learning environment.

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