14 Dino-Mite Dinosaur Videos for the Classroom


Dinosaurs have always been a fascinating topic for children and adults alike. These prehistoric creatures never fail to capture the imagination and curiosity of students. To teach students about dinosaurs in an engaging and interactive way, incorporating videos into the classroom is an effective approach. Here is a curated list of 14 dino-mite dinosaur videos that are perfect for the classroom setting!

1. BBC Earth’s ‘The World of Dinosaurs’: Journey through time with this captivating video by BBC Earth, offering a glimpse into the various types of dinosaurs that once roamed our planet.

2. Ted-Ed’s ‘What Happened to the Dinosaurs?’: This animated video from Ted-Ed discusses different theories about what caused their extinction and encourages students to explore further.

3. National Geographic’s ‘Discovering New Dinosaurs’: Hear from paleontologists in this National Geographic documentary about their search for new dinosaur species.

4. PBS Eons’s ‘When Dinosaurs Roamed America’: This documentary from PBS Eousand covers the diverse range of dinosaur species that inhabited North America millions of years ago.

5. NOVA’s The Day The Dinosaurs Died: Experience the events leading up to the asteroid impact that contributed to the end of dinosaurs in this gripping documentary.

6. The Magic School Bus: In The Time Of The Dinosaurs: Join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they embark on an educational adventure into the prehistoric era, learning about various dinosaurs along their journey.

7. FreeSchool’s ‘All About Dinosaurs’: This informative video gives an overview of dinosaur history and their characteristics, making it suitable for younger students or as a quick refresher course.

8. Walking With Dinosaurs: Using state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery, this immersive documentary series takes viewers on an incredible journey through the prehistoric world, showcasing many different species of dinosaurs.

9. Dinosaur Train: This children’s television series offers a fun and educational exploration of dinosaurs and their habitats, appealing to young audiences.

10. Dinosaurs 101: National Geographic Kids: This introductory video provides a clear description of various types of dinosaurs and their unique features, making it accessible for younger students.

11. DinoLapse’s ‘Dinosaur Size Comparison’: This visually stimulating video compares the sizes of different dinosaurs, providing students with an awe-inspiring look at these prehistoric creatures.

12. The Good Dinosaur: Although this animated film focuses on a fictional story, it introduces many dinosaur characters that can spark interest and discussion in the classroom.

13. SciShow Kids: ‘Dinosaurs with Jessie’: Join host Jessie as she discusses interesting facts about dinosaurs in a child-friendly manner, touching on topics like fossils and paleontologists.

14. Smithsonian Channel’s ‘Dinosaur Revolution’: Delving into the latest research about prehistoric life, this captivating video delves into dinosaur evolution, behavior, and anatomy – opening up intriguing discussions about these ancient creatures.


The diverse range of videos on this list ensures that educators can find the perfect resource for their classroom’s needs. From documentaries to animated series, these videos provide engaging insights into the fascinating world of dinosaurs – making learning both fun and memorable for students!

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