15 Amazing Third Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow

1. Mr. Colvin’s Third Grade – Mr. Colvin shares his classroom experiences, student accomplishments, and creative lesson plans on his blog that encourages new ideas and inspiration for third-grade teachers.

2. The Educated Teacher – Ms. Anderson’s blog is focused on providing helpful resources like lesson plans, classroom management tips, and engaging activities for third-grade teachers.

3. Third & Bliss – Mrs. Bliss shares stories from her third-grade classroom along with teaching strategies and resources that promote creativity and critical thinking in students.

4. Teachable Moments with Ms. T – This blog is filled with practical teaching tips, student work examples, and glimpses into the daily life of a third-grade teacher who aims to empower young learners.

5. 3rd Grade Thoughts – Christine shares her ideas on integrating technology into the third-grade curriculum while also offering support to teachers by sharing resources like printable worksheets and activity ideas.

6. Teaching Trio – Three third-grade teachers collaborate to share their passion for education through engaging lesson plans, teaching resources, and entertaining stories from their classrooms.

7. Room 314 Teachings – Mrs. Johnson’s blog focuses on innovative teaching strategies that help students develop self-efficacy while learning essential third-grade skills.

8. Live, Love, Learn, Teach – Mr. Yamashita offers insights into his third-grade classroom where hands-on learning experiences abound using a project-based approach.

9. Adventures In Third Grade – Follow Mrs. Smith as she shares her experiences in embracing diversity, promoting collaboration, and developing well-rounded educational experiences for her students.

10. The Thoughtful Terrier- Ms. Anand’s blog showcases her unique perspective on teaching as she combines original activities that foster creativity with lessons centered on mindfulness and emotional awareness in the classroom.

11. Learning at the Lake – Mrs. Carson offers a window into her lakeside third-grade classroom experience and provides teaching tips, techniques, and resources to create a learner-centered environment.

12. Rockin’ Third Grade – Mrs. Garcia shares her passion for teaching through informative blog posts about effective approaches to engaging students in meaningful learning experiences.

13. Miss Resig’s Radical Thinkers – Journey into Miss Resig’s third-grade classroom where she champions social justice and equity, encouraging learners to think critically about the world around them.

14. Wild About Third Grade – Ms. Fox shares her love for outdoor education and her integration of nature-based lessons into her third-grade class curriculum.

15. Thriving in Third – Mrs. Grant offers advice and resources on fostering a healthy balance between academic achievement and socio-emotional growth in third-grade classrooms.

Explore these amazing third grade blogs and teachers to gain inspiration, broaden your teaching strategies, and learn from their experiences!

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