15 Birding Activities for Kids to Spread Their Wings and Soar!


Birding is not only a fun and engaging hobby, but it also teaches kids about nature, wildlife, and environmental conservation. Here are 15 exciting birding activities that will inspire your kids to spread their wings and soar into their new favorite hobby.

1. DIY Bird Feeders:

Create simple homemade bird feeders using recycled materials like pine cones, plastic bottles, or milk cartons. This activity encourages creativity and care for the environment.

2. Bird Bingo:

Play a game of bird bingo with the family where kids can identify local birds by sight while enjoying a friendly competition.

3. Nest Building Challenge:

Provide the kids with materials found in nature like twigs, leaves, and grasses. Challenge them to build their own bird nests while learning about different nest designs.

4. Birdwatching Walks:

Embark on regular birdwatching outings as a family to observe birds up close, and listen to their songs.

5. Picture Book Journaling:

Encourage your children to draw the birds they see in a picture journal, helping them develop their artistic skills while also documenting their birding encounters.

6. Backyard Bird Counts:

Set up regular backyard bird counts where children can record which species frequent your yard over time.

7. Learn Bird Calls:

Teach kids how to identify birds by their songs and calls using resources like apps or online recordings.

8. Visit Local Wildlife Refuges:

Take your little ones on field trips to nearby wildlife refuges or nature centers where they can get hands-on experience observing different bird species

9. Migration Mapping:

Help kids understand the concept of migration by tracking the routes of local birds on maps or globes.

10. Adopt a Bird Species Program:

Let your child choose a specific species of bird and encourage them to research its habits, habitat needs, and conservation challenges.

11. Storytelling:

Encourage your kids to create stories involving birds, blending imagination, and information.

12. Photography and Videography:

Expose your kids to the art of bird photography and videography, teaching them how to capture stunning images and videos of our feathered friends.

13. Bird Origami and Artwork:

Introduce your kids to the joy of origami by teaching them how to create paper birds or design artwork inspired by their avian adventures.

14. Create a Birdbath:

Work together with your children to create a DIY birdbath that attracts local bird species, providing them with water for drinking and bathing.

15. Start a Bird Club:

Encourage kids to involve their friends in these birding activities, forming a local bird club where they can share experiences, knowledge, and excitement about their newfound passion.


These 15 engaging birding activities are not only enjoyable but will spark curiosity in your little ones and strengthen their connection to nature. So go ahead, allow them to put on their explorer hats and spread their wings as you embark on this wonderful adventure together!

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