15 Creative Activities Inspired By The Gratitude Tree


The Gratitude Tree is a beautiful concept that encourages individuals and families to practice giving thanks for things they appreciate in their lives. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the positives in our lives, strengthening the bond between people and nurturing an attitude of gratitude. Here are 15 creativity inspired activities based on the Gratitude Tree that you and your family can enjoy.

1. Hand-made Gratitude Trees: Gather branches and leaves from outside, arrange them in a vase or pot, and label each leaf with something you’re grateful for.

2. Gratitude Tree Mural: Design and create a tree mural on a blank wall in your home. Encourage family members to add their own leaves or drawings to represent what they’re grateful for.

3. Personalized Gratitude Journals: Create individual journals for each family member with decorative covers inspired by the Gratitude Tree. Set aside time each day to write down things you’re thankful for.

4. Gratitude Tree Skit: Write and perform a skit or play about gratitude, incorporating characters who learn the importance of being grateful through interacting with a magical Gratitude Tree.

5. Grateful Pottery: Decorate plates or mugs with symbols of thankfulness or quotes about gratitude, then use them during meals or as daily reminders of the things you appreciate.

6. The Gratitude Game: Create a board game or trivia-based game using questions related to lessons learned from your family’s Gratitude Tree experience.

7. Photo Collage: Take pictures of each family member holding their favorite item from their gratitude journal, then compile a collage to display as a reminder of your family’s shared gratefulness.

8. Gratitude Quilt: Collaborate as a family to design and sew a quilt showcasing images, quotes, and symbols reflecting gratitude, inspired by the colors and shapes found on your Gratitude Tree.

9. Gratitude Themed Potluck: Host a meal where each dish’s ingredients symbolize gratitude, and all guests share one thing they’re grateful for while enjoying the feast.

10. Gratitude Diorama: Build a diorama that tells a story featuring your family’s Gratitude Tree as the focal point, including various elements of gratitude throughout the scene.

11. Gratitude Garden: Create an outdoor space where plants, sculptures, and signs emulating gratitude are showcased. Add personal touches like DIY stepping stones with thankfulness messages.

12. Musical Gratitude: Write a song or poem about the things your family is grateful for, inspired by your Gratitude Tree. Perform it as a family choir or band during gatherings.

13. Grateful Puppet Show: Design handmade puppets and host a puppet show about gratitude, with plotlines and scenarios that capture lessons from your Gratitude Tree journey.

14. Hand-turkey Gratitude Placemats: Provide materials for everyone to create hand-turkey placemats they can dine on during Thanksgiving dinner. Have each person write things they’re thankful for in each feather.

15. Gratitude Tree Film Night: Watch movies that revolve around gratitude or thankfulness. Discuss how these stories relate to lessons from your family’s Gratitude Tree experience and the importance of gratitude in everyday life.


The Gratitude Tree offers endless possibilities for creative activities that promote an attitude of appreciation within your family. These 15 ideas are just the beginning when it comes exploring what you can do to nurture and cherish this important lesson. Let the spirit of thankfulness inspire you throughout the year as you cultivate a mindful practice of giving thanks.

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