15 Funny and Inspiring DEVOLSON Teacher Memes for the Fall

As the fall season approaches, teachers worldwide know all too well that the infamous “Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October, and November,” or DEVOLSON, is just around the corner. This challenging period leaves educators exhausted and longing for a break. To help lighten the mood during this trying time, we’ve compiled a list of 15 funny and inspiring DEVOLSON teacher memes to put a smile on your face.

1. “It’s DEVOLSON season! Keep calm and carry a pumpkin spice latte.”

This meme reminds teachers to take a break and enjoy their favorite fall beverage while tackling their heavy workloads.

2. “When you realize it’s only October, and you’re already counting down to winter break.”

This meme captures the eagerness of teachers looking forward to a well-deserved holiday.

3. “Grading papers on a weekend – because who needs free time, right?”

A fun jab at the mountain of papers that never seems to diminish even during weekends.

4. “Raise your hand if you’ve experienced DEVOLSON!”

An animated skeleton hand shoots up from the ground amidst fallen leaves – a humorous reference to the weariness experienced by teachers during this time.

5. “When parents say they don’t understand why teachers look so tired in November…”

This meme features a teacher with bags under their eyes sporting an all-too-accurate zombie look.

6. “Trying to balance lesson planning, grading, parent conferences, and my sanity like… ”

A picture of a tightrope walker with an enormous stack of textbooks in each hand perfectly encapsulates the juggling act that teachers face during DEVOLSON.

7. “Just when I thought I was ahead on grading and lesson planning… DEVOLSON strikes again!”

A cute puppy being swarmed by falling leaves represents how quickly DEVOLSON can overcome even the most prepared of teachers.

8. “Hang in there! DEVOLSON is almost over!”

An adorable cat hanging onto a branch encourages teachers to persevere through the tough times.

9. “When you’re trying to stay positive, but DEVOLSON keeps testing you.”

Featuring Kermit the Frog with pursed lips and a forced smile – an image relatable to many educators.

10. “Tired? Overworked? Welcome to DEVOLSON!”

This cheeky welcome sign resonates with teachers facing the whirlwind of fall responsibilities.

11. “I survived DEVOLSON…and all I got was this mug.”

A play on the popular vacation souvenir saying serves as a humorous reminder that surviving these challenging months is an achievement in itself.

12. “Finding time for self-care during DEVOLSON be like…”

A cutesy illustration of a teacher attempting yoga while balancing textbooks and coffee cups on their limbs exemplifies the struggle of finding time for self-care.

13. “Keep calm and teach on!”

An inspiring declaration for teachers to maintain their cool during DEVOLSON despite feeling overwhelmed.

14. “DEVOLSON: The season where scary movies don’t stand a chance against your lesson plan schedule.”

A clever comparison highlights the true terror of juggling various tasks during this period.

15. “That feeling when you’ve made it through DEVOLSON.”

A triumphant Leonardo DiCaprio raising his glass in celebration marks a well-earned end to another year’s DEVOLSON cycle.

These memes provide laughter and support for educators braving yet another DEVOLSON season. Remember, teachers – you are not alone in this vortex, and these funny images remind us all that sometimes humor is the best remedy when faced with overwhelming challenges.

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