15 High School Debate Topics To Engage Every Student

  1. Should cell phones be allowed in school?
  2. Is homework beneficial or should it be abolished?
  3. Is climate change primarily caused by human activities?
  4. Should standardized testing be abolished?
  5. Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  6. Is social media beneficial for teenagers?
  7. Should zoos be closed down?
  8. Should violent video games be banned?
  9. Is animal testing justified for medical research?
  10. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
  11. 11. Is homeschooling more effective than traditional schooling?
  12. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  13. Is online learning more effective than traditional classroom learning?
  14. Should genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be banned?
  15. Is censorship justified in the media?

These topics are designed to stimulate critical thinking, engage students in meaningful discussions, and develop their persuasive speaking skills. Students can choose from these topics for debates, research papers, or class presentations.

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