15 Leaf Projects For The Elementary Classroom


The beauty and versatility of leaves make them an ideal resource for creative elementary schoolprojects. Bringing the outdoors into the classroom can stimulate students’ interest in the naturalworld while fostering their artistic skills. Here are 15 fantastic leaf projects for the elementaryclassroom, perfect for incorporating nature into your lesson plans.

1. Leaf Rubbings

Have students place a leaf under a sheet of paper and use the side of a crayon or colored pencil tocreate a rubbing. This simple technique can reveal intricate vein patterns and lead to discussionsabout leaf structures.

2. Leaf Collage

Using various types and colors of leaves, encourage students to create collages in the shape ofanimals, people, or abstract designs, highlighting each leaf’s unique characteristics.

3. Leaf Print Art

Have students dip leaves in paint and press them onto paper to create beautiful prints.Experiment with different color combinations for a vibrant display of nature’s shapes andpatterns.

4. Leaf Identification Booklet

Teach your students about the different types of leaves found locally by creating a leafidentification booklet. Encourage them to collect, press, and label specimens to showcase in theirbooklets.

5. Leaf Symmetry Lesson

Explore the concept of symmetry using leaves as examples. Have students identify lines ofsymmetry in various leaf shapes, reinforcing mathematical concepts with tangible examples.

6. Chlorophyll Experiment

Teach students about photosynthesis and chlorophyll by extracting pigments from green leavesusing rubbing alcohol. This experiment demonstrates the importance of chlorophyll in plant life.

7- Storytelling With Leaves

Inspire your students’ creativity by having them use leaves as props for storytelling or puppetshows. Encourage them to explore themes like friendship, teamwork, or cycles of life using theirleaf characters.

8. Leaf Mosaics

Arrange differently shaped and colored leaves into mosaic patterns on paper or cardstock. Thisproject promotes artistic expression and encourages students to work with natural materials.

9. Natural Mobiles

Suspend leaves, small branches, and other nature items from a central support to create mobilesthat celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

10. Leaf Poetry

Ask students to write poems inspired by leaves, touching upon themes of change or growth.Display their literary work beside their leaf art projects.

11. Leaf Litter Investigation

Teach children about decomposition and the roles insects play by studying leaf litter. Set up a classterrarium containing leaves and observe changes over time.

12. Pressed Leaf Bookmark

Have students create bookmarks using their favorite pressed leaves. Attach a ribbon or tassel for apersonalized touch and encourage reading alongside the appreciation of nature.

13. Leaf Mandala

Invite your class to create intricate, symmetrical patterns with leaves as a meditative activity,promoting mindfulness and focus.

14. Leaf Stained Glass Windows

Place leaves between two sheets of wax paper or clear Contact paper and press together to create a “stained glass” effect that catches sunlight beautifully when hung in the classroom windows.

15. Lifecycle Of A Leaf Lesson

Use leaves in various stages of growth and decay to teach your students about the lifecycle of a leaf. Discuss the processes involved in each stage and how they contribute to the overall health of our planet.


These engaging leaf projects will allow elementary students to connect with nature while developing key skills in science, art, math, and language arts. Explore different techniques and lessons with your students as you discover just how versatile those fascinating leaves can be!

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