15 Strategies to Help Learners Who Leave Out, Change, or Reorganize Letters or Pieces of Sound While Spelling

Are you looking for strategies to help students who leave out, change, or reorganize letters or pieces of sound while writing? If so, keep reading.

1. Select a peer to take part in daily spelling word drills with the student.

2. Get the student to type their list of spelling words.

3. Cut a word apart letter by letter to make a puzzle. Get the student to scramble the letters and then arrange them to spell the word.

4. Get the student to keep a dictionary of most commonly misspelled words. Make the student check the spelling of all words they are not certain are spelled correctly.

5. Do not require the student to learn too many words at one time.

6. Provide the student fewer words to learn to spell at one time. Spend extra time on each word until the student can spell it correctly.

7. Get the student to be a peer tutor to teach a spelling concept they have learned to another student. This can serve as reinforcement for the student.

8. Teach the student why they need to spell words correctly (e.g., give the student a concrete example of how each word can be used in their life.).

9. Get the student to proofread all written work for omissions, substitutions, additions, or rearranged letters or sound units. Praise the student for each correction made.

10. Give chances for the student to read often, so they view in print those words they need to learn to spell.

11. Make sure that the student’s spelling words are those that they see on a routine (schedule) basis, rather than infrequently, to enable correct spelling and use of the words.

12. Acknowledge quality work (e.g., display the student’s work, congratulate the student, etc.).

13. Spotlight, in the student’s reading tasks, those letters or sound units the student omits, substitutes, adds, or rearranges to direct the student’s attention to the correct spelling of words.

14. Find those words the student misspells by omitting, substituting, adding, or rearranging letters or sound units. Get the student to practice spelling the words correctly in sentences written each day.

15. Consider using one of the tools from of spelling apps list.

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