16 Awesome Websites for Teaching and Learning Math


Mathematics can be a challenging subject for many students, but thanks to the advancement of technology, there are now numerous websites that make learning math a fun and engaging experience. Whether you’re a teacher looking for resources or a student wanting to improve your math skills, these 16 awesome websites are here to help you excel in math. Read on to discover some amazing online platforms that can easily enhance your math education.

  1. Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org)

Khan Academy is a well-known educational platform offering free math lessons and interactive exercises for learners of all ages. With its comprehensive math curriculum and personalized learning features, Khan Academy has become a go-to resource for students and educators worldwide.

  1. Math Playground (www.mathplayground.com)

Math Playground provides a wide variety of math games, puzzles, and activities that are not only educational but also entertaining. Students can practice various math concepts while having fun at the same time.

  1. IXL (www.ixl.com)

IXL is an online learning platform that covers a broad range of subjects, including math. It offers interactive practice questions and gives real-time feedback to help students improve their skills.

  1. Prodigy (www.prodigygame.com)

Prodigy is a game-based learning platform that turns math into an exciting adventure. Students can engage in math battles, earn rewards, and level up their skills while exploring a virtual world.

  1. Mathway (www.mathway.com)

Mathway is a handy tool that solves math problems step-by-step. Whether you’re struggling with algebra, trigonometry, or calculus, Mathway can be your reliable math assistant.

  1. Desmos (www.desmos.com)

Desmos is an advanced graphing calculator that allows users to plot functions, create interactive graphs, and explore various mathematical concepts visually.

  1. Coolmath.com (www.coolmath.com)

Coolmath.com offers math lessons, games, and puzzles designed to make learning math enjoyable. It covers a wide range of topics and provides clear explanations that are easy to understand.

  1. Math-Drills (www.math-drills.com)

Math-Drills provides an extensive collection of printable math worksheets for various grade levels. Students can practice different math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  1. Mathletics (www.mathletics.com)

Mathletics is an online platform that combines math learning with gamification. Students can compete in math challenges and earn points while improving their math abilities.

  1. Aplusclick (www.aplusclick.org)

Aplusclick features a vast collection of math problems, puzzles, and IQ quizzes that help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It offers challenges suitable for different age groups.

  1. BrainPOP (www.brainpop.com/math)

BrainPOP offers animated videos and interactive activities to teach various math topics. It provides engaging and accessible content that can enhance students’ understanding of mathematical concepts.

  1. Math.com (www.math.com)

Math.com offers a wealth of math resources, including practice problems, study tips, and interactive lessons. It covers a wide range of math topics and provides useful tools for students and educators.

  1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (www.nlvm.usu.edu)

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides interactive simulations and virtual manipulatives that allow students to explore mathematical concepts through hands-on activities.

  1. MathisFun (www.mathisfun.com)

MathisFun offers clear explanations, interactive games, and puzzles to make learning math enjoyable and engaging. It covers a wide range of math topics and caters to learners of all ages.

  1. Math Goodies (www.mathgoodies.com)

Math Goodies provides interactive math lessons, worksheets, and games for students, as well as resources for teachers. It focuses on building a strong foundation in math concepts.

  1. EdHelper (www.edhelper.com/math)

EdHelper offers a vast collection of math resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, and educational materials. It covers various math topics and provides resources for both teachers and parents.


These 16 awesome websites offer a diverse range of resources and tools to help students excel in math. Whether you’re looking for interactive games, virtual manipulatives, or step-by-step problem-solving assistance, these websites have got you covered. By utilizing these online platforms, both teachers and students can enhance their math education and make learning math an engaging and enjoyable experience.

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