16 Fantastic and Free Fourth Grade Math Games


Fourth grade is a critical year when it comes to mastering math skills. To make learning fun and engaging, we have compiled a list of 16 fantastic and free math games that are perfect for fourth-grade students. These games cover a wide range of topics, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and more. Let’s dive in and explore these exciting math games!

  1. Math Man: In this game, players must guide Math Man through a maze, eating the correct answers to math problems while avoiding ghosts. It’s a thrilling adventure that helps reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.
  1. Penguin Jump: Help the penguin jump on the correct ice floe by solving math problems correctly. This game focuses on addition, subtraction, and multiplication, making it an entertaining way to practice basic arithmetic operations.
  1. Fraction Fling: Fraction Fling is a challenging game where players must compare fractions and determine which one is larger. It’s a great tool for reinforcing fraction concepts and improving math reasoning skills.
  1. Tunnel Rush: Tunnel Rush is an action-packed game where players must move their character through a tunnel while answering math questions. It covers a variety of topics, including multiplication, division, and problem solving.
  1. Geo Memory: Geo Memory is a memory matching game that tests students’ knowledge of geometric shapes. It helps develop spatial reasoning skills and familiarizes them with different shapes and their properties.
  1. Math Race: In this exciting racing game, players must solve math problems quickly to drive their car to the finish line. It’s a fun way to practice mental math skills and improve speed and accuracy.
  1. Math Bingo: Similar to traditional Bingo, Math Bingo replaces numbers with math problems. Students must solve the problems to mark off their squares and win the game. It’s a fantastic game for reinforcing addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.
  1. Math Lines: Math Lines is a strategic game where players must match numbered balls that add up to a target sum. It’s a great way to practice addition and improve mental math skills.
  1. Measure It: Measure It introduces students to the concept of measurement, challenging them to estimate and compare lengths, weights, and capacities. It’s a hands-on game that makes learning math more tangible and practical.
  1. Math Stack: Math Stack is a challenging puzzle game where players must arrange numbers in order from smallest to largest. It’s a great exercise in number sense and problem-solving.
  1. Division Derby: Division Derby is an exciting racing game that focuses on division skills. Players must correctly solve division problems to move their horse forward and reach the finish line first.
  1. Multiplication Grand Prix: In Multiplication Grand Prix, players race against other cars by solving multiplication problems correctly. It’s a high-speed game that makes learning multiplication fun and engaging.
  1. Math Checkers: Math Checkers is a twist on the classic game of checkers, where players must solve math problems to move their pieces. It’s a fantastic way to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication while enjoying a timeless game.
  1. Fraction Matcher: Fraction Matcher challenges students to match equivalent fractions, reinforcing their understanding of fractions and helping them develop fraction comparison skills.
  1. Math Ninja: Math Ninja combines math and martial arts in a thrilling game where players must solve math problems to defeat enemies. It’s an action-packed way to practice various math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  1. Fraction Splat: Fraction Splat is a fun game that helps students visualize fractions. They must splat the correct fraction representation on the wall, reinforcing their understanding of fractions and fraction concepts.


These 16 fantastic and free math games provide fourth-grade students with a fun and interactive way to practice and enhance their math skills. Whether it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, or problem-solving, these games cover a wide range of topics and make learning math enjoyable. So, get ready to embark on a mathematical adventure with these incredible games and watch your math proficiency soar!

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