16 Genius Ways to Teach Kids to Take Notes During Class

Are you looking for genius ways to teach students to take notes during class? If so, keep reading.

1. Show information in short segments for the student to take notes. As the student experiences success, slowly increase the length of the segments that are presented.

2. Make sure the vocabulary used in presenting instructions and lectures is appropriate for the student’s capacity and ability level.

3. Make sure the student has all the learning materials appropriate for note-taking (e.g., paper, pencil, pen, etc.).

4. Make sure the student uses any appropriate aids to enable note-taking (e.g., eyeglasses, hearing aid, etc.).

5. Put the student next to a peer so the student can copy the notes taken by the peer.

6. Make sure the student has sufficient surface space on which to write when taking notes (e.g., uncluttered desktop).

7. Minimize distracting stimuli that interfere with the student’s note-taking (e.g., other students talking, outdoor learning activities, movement in the classroom, hallway noise, etc.).

8. Show the information in the most exciting manner possible.

9. Get the student to record instructions and lectures as an alternative to written note-taking.

10. Summarize the main points of instructions and lectures for the student.

11. Show instructions following the (1) What, (2) How, (3) Learning materials, and (4) On occasions where outline.

12. Provide visibility to and from the student when delivering instructions and lectures to enable the student’s success in note-taking.

13. Get the student to take notes following the “What, How, Learning materials, and On occasions where” format when instructions are being given.

14. Get the student to listen and take notes for “Who, What, Where, On occasions where, How, and Why” when ideas are presented.

15. Show ideas following the (1) Who, (2) What, (3) Where, (4) On occasions where, (5) How, and (6) Why outline.

16. Consider providing the student with a notetaking app. Click here to view a list of the best of the best notetaking apps.

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