17 Black History Month Activities for February and Beyond

Black History Month is an important time to celebrate and honor the contributions of Black individuals throughout history. Whether you’re a teacher looking for activities to engage your students or someone wanting to learn more about Black history, here are 17 activities to consider for February and beyond.

  1. Virtual Museum Tours: Take a virtual tour of museums that focus on Black history, such as the National Museum of African American History and Culture or the African American Civil War Museum.
  1. Read Biographies: Encourage reading by providing biographies of influential Black figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, or Maya Angelou.
  1. Film Watch Party: Organize a film watch party featuring movies or documentaries that showcase Black history and culture. Discuss the significance of the films afterward.
  1. Historical Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt focusing on important Black historical figures or events. Participants can research and find the answers.
  1. Poetry Slam: Host a poetry slam where participants can write and perform poems inspired by Black history or civil rights movements.
  1. Guest Speaker: Invite a local historian or a community member with knowledge of Black history to speak and share their experiences.
  1. Book Club: Start a book club where members can read and discuss literature written by Black authors, such as “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker or “Beloved” by Toni Morrison.
  1. Create Artwork: Encourage creativity by providing art supplies and prompts for participants

to create artwork that represents Black history or pays tribute to influential individuals.

  1. Museum Exhibits: Create a mini museum exhibit showcasing artifacts, photographs, and stories related to Black history. Display the exhibit in a community space.
  1. Panel Discussion: Organize a panel discussion where community leaders and activists can have open conversations about racial equality and the importance of Black history.
  1. Community Potluck: Host a community potluck featuring traditional African or African American dishes. Encourage participants to share the stories behind the recipes.
  1. Historical Role Play: Assign participants a historical figure and have them research and role play an important moment in Black history.
  1. Dance Workshop: Conduct a dance workshop teaching traditional African or African American dance styles like hip-hop, jazz, or African tribal dances.
  1. Oral History Project: Record interviews with older members of the community who have firsthand experiences with civil rights movements or important Black historical events.
  1. Social Media Campaign: Start a social media campaign sharing Black history facts, stories, and accomplishments to raise awareness and educate others.
  1. Community Service: Organize a community service project that aligns with the values and goals of Black history, such as volunteering at a local youth center or organizing a book drive.
  1. Open Mic Night: Host an open mic night where participants can perform spoken word, music, or other artistic expressions that celebrate Black history and culture.

These activities are just a starting point. Remember to adapt them to your specific community

and audience. By engaging in these activities, we can deepen our understanding and appreciation

of Black history and work towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

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