18 Clever Ways to Display Student Work In the Classroom and Online

  1. Bulletin Boards with a Twist: Instead of traditional bulletin boards, try using magnetic boards, clotheslines, or display cubes to showcase student work. This adds a unique touch to the classroom.
  2. Digital Portfolios: Create online portfolios using platforms like Seesaw or Google Sites. Students can upload their work, reflect on their progress, and easily share it with parents and peers.
  1. Interactive Display Walls: Install interactive display walls where students can showcase their work digitally. This allows for interactive presentations and engages the entire class.
  1. Gallery Walks: Set up a gallery walk in the classroom where students can showcase their work on tables or walls. This allows for peer feedback and collaboration.
  1. Digital Showcases: Use digital platforms like Padlet or Flipgrid to create virtual showcases of student work. Students can upload their projects and receive comments from their classmates.
  1. Themed Displays: Create themed displays based on specific topics or units of study. This not only showcases student work but also reinforces learning objectives.
  1. Student-Owned Spaces: Assign each student a designated space in the classroom to display their work. This promotes a sense of ownership and pride in their accomplishments.
  1. Classroom Blogs: Start a classroom blog where students can write about their projects and share their reflections. This encourages writing skills and allows for a larger audience.
  1. QR Codes: Add QR codes to student work to provide additional information. When scanned, the codes can direct viewers to videos, websites, or multimedia presentations related to the project.
  1. Digital Art Galleries: Use platforms like Artsonia or DeviantArt to create online art galleries for students. This allows their artwork to be showcased to a wider audience.
  1. Rotating Displays: Rotate student work throughout the year to ensure all students have a chance to showcase their projects. This keeps the classroom displays fresh and engaging.
  1. Exhibition Nights: Organize exhibition nights where students can present their work to parents, peers, and the broader community. This fosters public speaking skills and builds confidence.
  1. Collaborative Displays: Encourage collaboration by having students work together on large-scale projects that can be displayed prominently in the classroom or school.
  1. Student Choice Displays: Give students the freedom to choose how they want to display their work. This allows for creative expression and personalization.
  1. Window Displays: Utilize classroom windows to showcase student work. This attracts attention from passersby and creates a visually appealing learning environment.
  1. Digital Newsletters: Create digital newsletters featuring student work and distribute them to parents via email. This keeps parents informed and involved in their child’s learning journey.
  1. 3D Displays: Incorporate three-dimensional elements into displays by using materials like clay, wire, or recycled objects. This adds depth and interest to student work.
  1. Online Portfolios: Encourage students to create personal websites or online portfolios where they can showcase their best work. This can serve as a digital resume for future endeavors.

These 18 clever ways to display student work in the classroom and online provide opportunities for students to be proud of their accomplishments, receive feedback, and engage with a wider audience. By implementing these strategies, you can create a vibrant and meaningful learning environment that celebrates student success.”

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