18 Thought-Provoking Activities Inspired By Of Mice And Men

1. Character Mapping: Create visual character maps for the main characters that highlight their personalities, traits, motivations, and relationships.

2. Debate the American Dream: In small groups, discuss the portrayal of the American Dream in Of Mice and Men and whether or not the characters achieve it.

3. Diary Entries: Write diary entries from the perspective of a character in the story recounting significant events in their life.

4. Compare and Contrast Movie Adaptations: Watch different versions of the movie adaptations and compare them to the novel. Discuss which version captures the essence of the book best.

5. Historical Context Research: Explore literature and primary sources about the Great Depression to provide context for Of Mice and Men, then present your findings with classmates

6. Analyze Symbolism: Discuss significant symbols throughout the novel, such as Lennie’s fixation on soft things and George’s source of hope, such as his visions concerning their future farm.

7. Foreshadowing and Predictions: Identify examples of foreshadowing throughout Of Mice and Men and make predictions about future events in the story based on those details.

8. Creative Writing: Write an alternate ending for Of Mice and Men. How could Steinbeck have concluded the story differently?

9. Thematic Essay: Write an essay exploring themes such as loneliness, friendship, power structures, or fate through evidence from the novel.

10. Film a Scene: Create a short film reenacting a scene from Of Mice and Men with your group members.

11. Monologues or Dialogue Performances: Write an original monologue or dialogue highlighting key aspects of characters within Of Mice And Men. Memorize it and perform for your class.

12. Explore Author’s Techniques: Investigate John Steinbeck’s writing style in detail—how he uses imagery, language, tone, and other elements to convey meaning in the novel.

13. Create a Soundtrack: Curate a playlist for Of Mice and Men that fits the mood and themes of the novel, accompanied by explanations for your song choices.

14. Illustrate a Scene: Draw a scene from the book, carefully portraying key elements of setting, expression, and tone.

15. Interview Characters: In pairs, role-play an interview between a character from Of Mice and Men and an interviewer. The interviewer can ask about past experiences, motivations, and relationships.

16. Write Letters: Compose letters between characters that were never included in the book but might have been exchanged during the story.

17. Problem-Solving as Characters: With a partner, brainstorm decisions characters could have made differently to impact the outcome of the story differently. Provide rationale for your choices.

18. Literary Analysis Round Robin: Organize your class into small groups to discuss specific passages from Of Mice and Men that illustrate important themes, character development, or symbols. Each group will then share their analysis with others in a round-robin style presentation.

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