18 Veterans Day Videos for Elementary Students


Veterans Day is a time to honor and remember the men and women who have served in the United States military. As we express our gratitude and respect, it’s essential to educate our young generations about the importance of this day. To help teachers and parents impart this vital knowledge, we have compiled a list of 18 engaging and educational Veterans Day videos that are perfect for elementary students.

1. Sesame Street: The Sesame Street gang teaches us about the significance of Veterans Day and how to show respect and appreciation to veterans through a heartwarming discussion.

2. What is Veteran’s Day? A brief animated video explaining the history and purpose of Veterans Day.

3. Kid President’s Letter To A Veteran: Kid President shares a heartfelt letter expressing gratitude towards veterans in his unique, feel-good style.

4. Reading Rainbow – America the Beautiful: LeVar Burton shares a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful” as a tribute to all veterans.

5. Time for Kids: Veterans Day – This video offers a kid-friendly explanation of the significance of Veterans Day by showcasing interviews with military personnel.

6. All About the Holidays: Veterans Day – Children can learn about the history, traditions, and purpose behind celebrating Veterans Day with this informative video.

7. H is for Honor – A Veterans Day Tribute: This is an uplifting short film showing children honoring veterans on this significant day with various activities.

8. History Channel: The History of Veteran’s Day – This educational video from the History Channel dives into the origins and evolution of this important national observance day.

9. National Geographic Kids: Heroes All Around Us – This inspiring video introduces young students to courageous American heroes who fought in wars to protect our freedom.

10. Scholastic News Interactive Video – This captivating video shares touching stories about veterans’ sacrifices, featuring interviews and firsthand accounts by several former military members.

11. The Veterans Day Story – This animated short narrates the story behind Veterans Day and its historical roots, presented in a captivating and age-appropriate manner.

12. A Tribute to Our Soldiers – An emotion-evoking musical video that pays tribute to the brave men and women of the United States military.

13. Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood – A lively, animated adaptation of this children’s book that introduces young learners to local everyday heroes who have served our nation.

14. Why Is There a Two-Minute Moment of Silence? – This informative video teaches students about the significance of observing a two-minute moment of silence on Veterans Day.

15. The Poppy Story: Animated Tale for Kids – Learn about the origin of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers and its connection to Veterans Day through this animated story.

16. Living American Flag – Watch how thousands of children come together to create an enormous living flag as an inspirational tribute to veterans.

17. JumpStart’s Veterans Day Anthem – Sing along to this catchy tune with lyrics that celebrate our brave veterans on this remarkable day.

18. Animated Hero Classics: George Washington Carver – Witness the story of George Washington Carver, a prominent African-American scientist and inventor who served in World War I, through this fascinating animated biography.


These 18 Veterans Day videos for elementary students offer informative, engaging, and inspiring content to teach children about the sacrifices made by military members to protect our freedom. Whether you’re a teacher looking to supplement your curriculum or a parent searching for meaningful ways to observe this holiday with your child, these videos will help instill respect and admiration for those who have served in the United States military.

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